What Are the Rules of Bravo's New Show, Stripped?

What Are the Rules of Bravo's New Show, Stripped?

Don't worry, you do get toilet paper...just not much else.

This Man Has Agreed to Do Something Most Would Consider Insane...

You might (understandably) have some questions about how anyone could survive living their normal life while having all their possessions removed. Well, there are a few things you should know. Check out the official rules of this social experiment:

1. Participants are stripped of everything they own.

2. Their belongings are placed in a storage container a half-mile away from their home.

3. Only toilet paper, water, and food rations are provided.

4. Each day, participants can retrieve 1 item from the container. Every choice counts.

There's no competition. No prizes. Just 21 days to survive their own life. How will these ordinary people survive being Stripped?

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