#SummerHouse Poll: Should Lindsay Get Back Together with Everett?

#SummerHouse Poll: Should Lindsay Get Back Together with Everett?

Could a passionate reunion be in store for the original Summer House couple? 

Lindsay Calls Her Ex Everett After Hooking up with Someone Else

Last season on Summer Housewe watched as resident lovebirds Lindsay Hubbard and Everett Weston broke the cardinal rule of the Hamptons: no couples in the summer house! Over the course of the summer, the pair faced their share of rosé-fueled ups and downs, ultimately leading them to break up last year.

This summer, Lindsay is back in the house and trying to live her best life as a single girl. Despite the eye candy in the Hamptons, however, Lindsay's heart is still with Everett, and a late night voicemail from her ex suggests that he might be feeling the same (listen below).

Show Highlight
Hear Everett's Voicemail Asking Lindsay to Get Back Together

Lindsay may not be so sure about getting back together with Everett, but we want to know what you think: should Lindsay and Everett give their relationship another chance? 

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