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Where’s My Lover, Boy?

S6/EP1 |
Aired: 01/17/2022
Weekends in the Hamptons and weekdays in the city are back! With a new house and new roommates, this group of friends sets out to make up for lost time and send it properly. Kyle’s late-night shenanigans are triggering to fiancé Amanda and raise a red flag to their friends. An old flame returns and instantly heats things up for Paige. Meanwhile, Lindsay drops a bomb on Carl that no one saw coming. 44:24

I Know What You Did Last Summer(s) 2022

S6/EP100 |
Aired: 01/10/2022
The housemates are back and ready to “Send It!” in this half-hour special reflecting on their past few summers “share-housing” in the Hamptons. The last few summers have been a wild ride full of fun and heartbreak. Join the crew (new and old) as they spill the tea about what they know everyone did last summer(s) and about what might be coming in the new season. 22:14

Reunion Part 2

S5/EP14 |
Aired: 05/06/2021
In the dramatic conclusion of the Summer House reunion, Carl discusses his struggles with sobriety. Luke accuses Hannah of turning the house against him, while Paige is caught in the middle of Hannah and Amanda’s fractured friendship. 44:24

Reunion Part 1

S5/EP13 |
Aired: 04/29/2021
In part one of the Summer House reunion, Ciara, Luke and Hannah revisit the unraveling of their love triangle. When some of the housemates confront Hannah about her recent statements in the press and on podcasts, major revelations come to light. 44:24

Makeups and Breakups

S5/EP12 |
Aired: 04/22/2021
To commemorate the end of summer, the housemates throw a wedding-themed party for Kyle and Amanda. Lindsay and Stravy continue their stormy relationship, making the house question whether they are headed toward marriage or ending it for good. 44:24

Derby Days

S5/EP11 |
Aired: 04/15/2021
Lindsay, on Cloud nine with Stravy, decides it’s time to take her relationship to the next level. Carl throws a Derby-themed party, complete with a housemates horse race. Hannah finds herself in the hot seat yet again. 44:24

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Your First Look At the Summer House Season 5 Reunion!

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