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Exes and Oh-No’s

S4/EP8 |
Aired: March 25, 2020
Kyle and Amanda's moms visit, and the boys of Summer House are behaving badly. Jordan stuns Jules after her attempt to heat up the bedroom, Luke shocks the house with his relationship status, while Carl can't make things right with Lindsay. 44:23

Behind The Episode 407

S4/EP57 |
Aired: March 25, 2020
Catch a special episode of Summer House featuring additional content, exclusive fun facts and behind-the-scenes insight from the producers and stars of the show. 43:23

Love Her, Boy

S4/EP7 |
Aired: March 18, 2020
Kyle stuns Amanda with a shocking answer to a simple question. On the other hand, Luke revs up his courtship of Hannah with a motorcycle ride while Jules tries to break through a sexual roadblock. 44:23

Caged Heat

S4/EP6 |
Aired: March 11, 2020
While Lindsay and Carl try to repair what’s left of their friendship, Luke and Hannah’s ongoing flirtation leads to their first date. Meanwhile, it’s a house divided for Girls’ and Guys’ Night. Kyle tries to play peacemaker between Luke and Carl. 44:24

Hamptons Vice

S4/EP5 |
Aired: March 4, 2020
Hannah invites her old pal Jordan for the weekend and the housemates are shocked to learn that he has a romantic history with someone in the house. Before Carl can make a decision about Lindsay, another girl offers temptation. 44:24

Red, White and Ewwww

S4/EP4 |
Aired: February 26, 2020
The annual Fourth of July party is usually a high point of summer for Kyle and his mullet wig, but things are so rocky with Amanda, the only love he might get is from Carl. Carl sours on his relationship with Lindsay but is too scared to end it. 44:24

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