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S5 - E12

Ep 12: Where are They Now?

On the season finale, Tabatha revisits the most memorable businesses from past seasons. Are they striving, struggling, or even worse, have they closed? Tabatha stops by Dr. Flavio’s Beauty School in Torrance, California, to see if Flavio’s 50 year old legacy has been kept intact by his daughter. In Long Beach, California, we’ll check in to see if the party at Club Ripples has started back up and if the owners have regained the reputation of having the best gay nightclub in town. Has Avanti Salon on posh Newberry street in Boston Massachusetts survived? Has the owner stepped up to become a leader, or has he gone back to his old ways? In San Bruno California, the catty Phun sisters “work hard, play hard” ethic at their salon Mia Bella weighed heavily towards “play hard.” Has the partying and cattiness subsided or are their claws out for more? Along the way, Tabatha leaves the owners and staff with new recommendations and even gets a few surprises along the way.

Aired: 06/27/2013