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S5 - E9

Ep 9: Manikir Royale

CJ “Meowww” Barnes opened up her nail salon two years ago in hipster North Hollywood, California. Like every girly-girl, CJ loved getting her nails done so much, that without any experience in the nail industry, she decided to open her own salon. However, CJ quickly learned that going to get your nails done and owning a nail shop are two completely different things. With her bills at an all-time high and her staff’s morale at record low, CJ compensates her lack of experience by giving a bucket-load of excuses, belittling her staff and lying to clients. To make matters worse, a filthy workplace, lackluster service, and a staff with little experience have driven the customers away. Can Tabatha help CJ put her best foot forward and put some “purr” back into this business?

Aired: 06/06/2013