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Tabatha Coffey explainswhy change only comes if you really want it.

HELLACIOUS and FRUSTRATING describes my week at Images Salon. It was a total tug of war between Josephine and myself. She wanted to change, she wanted a higher-end clientele, she wanted and wanted, but without actually wanting to do anything about it. I also butted heads with Joe. He just doesn't get it. He was a landscape gardener and now he's managing a salon, and he was never given the tools or direction to do the job.

The girls at Images walked all over Joe. He's the nice guy that buys coffee, laughs with the girls and jokes around. I tried to make appointment, but got easily overwhelmed and frustrated, because he really didn't want to be there. He wants to work in a gym. The staff was a whole other issue. Their appearance was atrocious. They did whatever they wanted because there was no BOSS to hold them accountable. The salon was rundown and dirty and it all just showed a total lack of care to me. I couldn't believe that the staff would have a catfight in the middle of the salon in front of clients! I did learn that several of the staff felt let down, because Josephine doesn't spend time in the salon. The staff wanted an education - many of them had become lazy because there was no direction, rules or accountability. The attitude was "who cares."

I was impressed with how Tara and Crystal took what I taught them and really did a good job working with their clients. Claire knew she needed work on her cutting skills - she says she is a colorist and cutting isn't her strong point. As for Stacey - I'm still trying to figure her out. I felt badly that she was so overly emotional, but she hadn't done a good job on her model or clients. Me being there was no excuse for poor work - hairdressers feel pressure all the time. You need to learn how to step up and do the best you can, especially if you want to improve. I tried to give helpful, constructive criticism.

By the end of the week, I felt I had made a small impact at Images Salon. Josephine realized that she needed to put work into her salon and encourage the staff. I was disappointed when I returned to Images and the staff informed me that nothing had changed. The staff was still uneducated and was not allowed to raise their rates, Josephine was still neglecting her business and spending time away from the salon, and Joe was...Joe. It was a shame because I wanted to help and make a difference, but to really change, you need to want to change. There was no education the staff weren't allowed to raise their prices, Josephine hadn't spent more time in the salon and Joe was Joe. It was a shame because I wanted to help and make a difference, but to really change you need to want it.

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