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Grow a Set!

"Joy wanted to be the “star” of the salon. WELL, looking and behaving that way is not how to make yourself stand out and shine!"

By Tabatha Coffey

I like Pablo, but I don’t think he had any idea what he was getting himself into when he bought Allure Salon, because being a receptionist and being a business owner are worlds apart. Pablo let himself be treated as the gofer of his salon he had no rules, he didn’t tell his staff what was expected of them and he did nothing to market or promote his salon. In fact, Pablo was afraid and intimidated to tell his staff anything, which meant they had no respect for him as a boss. It’s hard because Pablo isn’t a hairdresser and will never fully understand the craft, but as an owner, I had to teach him to grow up and get a set of balls!

Many of the staff at Allure had been there for a long time and because they had gotten away with things for so long they had become lazy and complacent Joy being the worst offender. There were so many issues with Joy - her attire, her bad attitude, and her lazy work. The fact that she told me several other employers had pointed these flaws out to her and she refused to change actually told me that I was going to have a battle on my hands and I did! Joy wanted to be the “star” of the salon. WELL, looking and behaving that way is not how to make yourself stand out and shine!

Alex was really excited and happy about the changes in the salon he is new to the industry and so wiling to learn and grow he just needed help, guidance, and reassurance. Irina is a good stylist and was already helping mentor Alex I knew she would be a great asset to Pablo as head stylist of Allure he needed a technical hairdresser he could turn to for education, help with clients and to keep the other stylists on their toes.

I walked out of Allure salon proud of Pablo - he grew a set but most of all he grew up, the staff was revitalized and happy to have a boss, and the salon looked amazing. I was really happy to go back to Allure and see that everyone was doing well Pablo had been able to pay down some of his debt and Joy of Joy’s, Joy had an epiphany and realized I was just trying to help her all along and I’m glad I did.

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