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Provoke, Annoy, and Antagonize

"It was without a doubt the most emotional thing ever..."

By Tabatha Coffey

Jacqui had a great vision when she opened Eclectic salon to get like-minded stylists together and offer the best services they could. The vision was for Eclectic to be just that Eclectic (a person who derives ideas style or taste from a broad and diverse range) and in the beginning it was. Jacqui and André were the hot stylists and the salon was “THE SALON." In fact, Kim Kimble had attended classes that were given by both when she was starting her career.

Somewhere along the way Jacqui lost her vision and her passion and let things go and that’s when her financial problems truly set in, and the staff starting performing their circus act.

It was amazing to me that all the staff agreed that Jacqui seemed despondent and she herself said she couldn’t spend more than a couple of days in the salon, but no one knew the financial crisis she was going through they were all in their own little worlds and thought the salon was going fine.

I think one of the reasons Lauren was hired was because Jacqui couldn’t face going to work everyday, but Lauren knew nothing about hair, and was clearly unmotivated to learn and frankly didn’t try to do anything proactive except provoke, annoy, and antagonize the stylists.

It was so hard for Jacqui to share with her staff the financial crisis she was. That’s why I went to extreme measures to get them to be aware before she shared her news. It was without a doubt the most emotional thing ever and so hard for her and what it showed was how much her team loved her supported and respected her and wanted to help turn things around. It also gave Jacqui the positive reinforcement she needed to see that they had her back and although they had slacked off and they knew it they wanted their old leader back happy and passionate one and would do whatever they needed to help.

This salon has a lot of heart their work is great and they just needed to be honest and come together as a team again. I was so impressed with everyone on re-opening day, especially André - he has been at Eclectic since the beginning and had fallen into old habits but he changed. I saw a man that had gotten his passion and pride in his work and salon back and it was touching.

I was disappointed Lauren decided not to show up on such an important day but so proud of Jacqui for taking a stand and letting her go.

The team at Eclectic are great and I am so happy they are doing so well

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