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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of Orange County

11 Things We Forgot About the Real Housewives of Orange County's First Episode

You'll never want to forget about these early #RHOC moments again.

By Laura Rosenfeld

After 10 seasons so far, The Real Housewives of Orange County still continues to evolve. But clearly, with that kind of longevity, there had to have been magic right in the very first episode of the series, which premiered on March 21, 2006.

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And there most definitely was. In honor of RHOC's 10th anniversary, we revisited the first episode of the series and realized that there were just too many amazing moments to not share with the world again. Relive a few moments from the inaugural episode of RHOC below, and you'll be so glad we reminded you about them.


1. The Taglines Were Very Different



The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 1 opening.

These days, hearing the tagline for each 'Wife is one of our favorite parts of starting a new Real Housewives season. But in the very first season of RHOC, the 'Wives didn't have unique taglines in the opening. Instead, lines that each of them say throughout the season play over their introductions, such as Vicki Gunvalson's "I don't want to get old!" and Lauri Peterson's "Are the police involved?" But you can't deny the fabulousness of today's taglines, such as Vicki's "I am the OG of the O.C.; everyone else is just a copy" from Season 10.


2. Kimberly Bryant Was a 'Wife



Kimberly Bryant during an interview in Season 1 of RHOC.

Many people may not remember that Kimberly Bryant was one of the original RHOC 'Wives. However, the stay-at-home mom made a big impression talking about her efforts to retain a youthful appearance in Coto de Caza, such as getting breast implants. The last time we saw Kimberly on RHOC was during Season 4 when Vicki and Jeana Keough visited her in Chicago.


3. Jo De La Rosa Was Only 24 Years Old



A bored Jo De La Rosa trying to keep herself preoccupied in the first episode of RHOC.

'Wives have come in all different ages over the years, but Jo De La Rosa was definitely one of the youngest as an original cast member of RHOC. That would prove to be both a blessing and a curse as her age would often be a topic of conversation between her and her fiancé at the time Slade Smiley, who is 12 years her senior.


4. Slade Was a Model — and He Has the Nude Pics to Show for It



Slade Smiley bared it all in this nude modeling photo featured in the first episode of RHOC.

Of course, when we met Jo on RHOC, we also met Slade. Jo revealed Slade's modeling past during the introduction, which included some photographic evidence that not only showed us what Slade looked like in his younger years but also what he looked like in the buff.


5. Kimberly's Son Travis Was Super Cute



Kimberly's son Travis Bryant isn't too happy about accompanying his sister to the salon.

We met Kimberly's family in the first episode of RHOC, and though her husband Scott and teen daughter Bianca both seemed lovely, her 6-year-old son Travis was just too adorable to ignore. His reaction to being forced to accompany his sister while she got her makeup done for her middle school dance was absolutely priceless.


6. The First Appearance of Briana's Boyfriend Colby



Briana and her then-boyfriend Colby on their way to their senior prom in the first episode of RHOC.

Briana is married with children these days, but before she met hubby Ryan Culberson, she was with her longtime boyfriend Colby in the very first episode of RHOC. The episode captured the two heading off to their senior prom. Though Vicki may have made a stink about Colby's white tux, we think the couple looked gorgeous.


7. Vicki's First Husband Showed Her Chicago Past



Vicki's first husband Mike Wolfsmith talks about life with his ex-wife.

Way before Brooks Ayers and Donn Gunvalson, we met Vicki's ex, her first husband Mike Wolfsmith, who is also the father of her kids, Mike and Briana. Mike Sr. attended Briana's graduation party, and we would go on to see him put his son to work in Chicago later on in the season.


8. Lauri Was Vicki's Employee



Vicki and Lauri are hard at work in Vicki's home office.

Watching Lauri on RHOC was like watching a fairytale in real life. But before Lauri would go on to marry wealthy developer George Peterson, she was a recently-divorced single mom with three kids to support. Though Lauri knew virtually nothing about the insurance business, Vicki took a chance on her and hired her as an employee. Not too many 'Wives have been friends and co-workers, so this was definitely a unique relationship.


9. There Wasn't as Much Interaction Among the Ladies



Kimberly and her friends meet Jo for the first time.

'Wives are always hanging out together these days, but in the first episode of RHOC, we only saw Vicki and Lauri briefly at work together and Kimberly and Jo meeting for the first time at a bar. Other than that, the first episode really just followed the 'Wives and their families. But of course, that was still immensely entertaining.


10. The Keough Sibling Rivalry Was Fierce



Kara, Jeana, and Shane Keough caught in a happier time at home.

Jeana's eldest son Shane and daughter Kara had a love-hate relationship in Season 1 and throughout much of their time on RHOC. Shane made fun of Kara's clothes, Kara sent a jab at Shane for his grades, and then the two congratulated each other on their athletic accomplishments, as siblings tend to do. Jeana acted as referee to it all.


11. Jo Did a Sexy Dance for Slade



A scantily-clad Jo dances for Slade at the end of the first episode of RHOC.

Kimberly helped Jo get through her stay-at-home blues during the first episode of RHOC, suggesting that she needed to find hobbies to keep herself preoccupied while Slade was at work. One of those was to buy lingerie and make up a dance for her fiancé to entertain him during his lunch hour, as one does. Well, Jo did it, and Slade definitely seemed like he enjoyed the performance.

Keep this nostalgia trip going by checking out these pics from the first season of RHOC, below.


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