7 Reasons Why You Can't Miss 'Below Deck'

7 Reasons Why You Can't Miss 'Below Deck'

Eight stars, one boat: The hottest drama on the high seas kicks off tonight on Bravo.

By Camille Beckles

All aboard! Bravo's newest series Below Deck premieres tonight at 10/9c. And if you're a fan of larger-than-life characters, luxury yachting, and more drama than Love Boat and Titanic combined, you'll want to tune in. Still not convinced? Here are the 7 reasons why you won't want to miss it.

1. There’s plenty of sexual chemistry.
Three girls, five guys and one boat? It can only mean one thing: there will be hook-ups. Add in the exotic locales, co-ed bunking, and boozy dinners, and you're bound to have a few awkward morning-afters. Bonus: no one can do a walk of shame on a boat.

2. The cast is hot!
Just look at them.

3. There's scandal--duh!
On tonight's premiere, one of the crew members discovers a white powder residue and a rolled-up dollar bill in one of the guest's bedroom. Guess what: Captain Lee ain't happy! Which brings us to our next point...

4. The Captain is a bad-ass.
Captain Lee sets the tone for the crew from the get-go when he tells Aleks Taldykin, “There can only be one captain on the boat, and I’m it.” Moral of the story: Lee is running this show, and you’d better not forget it.

5. There's lots of rivalry.
Who doesn't love a good rivalry? And on Below Deck, Adrienne Gang and Samantha Orm are the newest additions. From Sam taking a nap without Adrienne’s permission (yes, that is a real argument), to their blow-out at dinner over Sam’s lack of respect for Adrienne’s authority, these two do not get along. But guess what? It makes for amazing TV.

6. They're on a mothaf--kin' boat!
'Nuff said.

7. They love to party.
Work hard, play hard is a delicate balance to strike, but the crew does a pretty good job...most of the time. Highlight: their boozy dinner party after surviving the “white powdery substance” scandal.

Are you excited for Below Deck? Remember to tune in to the premiere tonight at 10/9c. And watch a preview of the show below.

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