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8 Reasons Why Chrissy Teigen Should Be a Guest on The People's Couch

The Lip Sync Battle co-host would make a fierce addition to #ThePeoplesCouch.

By Laura Rosenfeld
The Couchers Full Reaction to Channing Tatum's Lip Sync Battle

As last week's episode of The People's Couch showed, the Couchers love them some Lip Sync Battle. As it turns out, that show's co-host Chrissy Teigen also loves The People's Couch. "How did I miss the lip sync battle commentary on my love @ThePeoplesCouch!!" Chrissy tweeted Friday. "I love this show so hard."

Well, we're going to take this one step further and say that Chrissy should not only be featured on The People's Couch by way of what the Couchers are watching, but she should also appear on the show in the flesh as a guest Coucher. We've compiled a list of reasons why she'd be perfect for the show just to prove it.

1. The Couchers Already Love Her

Couchers' Reaction to Beyonce on Lip Sync Battle Is Everything

When the Couchers watched Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum duke it out on Lip Sync Battle, they first and foremost expressed their love of Chrissy — and her tatas. We know that they would welcome Chrissy on The People's Couch with open arms. 

2. She Already Wants to Be on the Show

In fact, Chrissy has already said that she wants to be on The People's Couch“I would love to be on The People’s Couch," Chrissy said in regards to the one TV show she's dying to be on in an interview with Wetpaint in November 2014. "I love that show. It’s so funny, it’s ridiculous." Who could say no to that?

3. She and John Legend Would Be Too Cute

Chrissy and her husband of two years John Legend are already one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood, so can you imagine just how lovely it would be to watch them cuddling up on a couch to give some delightful commentary on the week's buzziest TV moments? And then maybe John could perform his cover of the Vanderpump Rules theme song again for our viewing pleasure.

4. She's Gorgeous

Quack quack

A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Chrissy is a woman of many talents, one of them being modeling. So clearly, she would be great to look at as we watch her watch TV onscreen.

5. She's a Bravo Superfan

Chrissy is already a fan of a lot of Bravo's programming, especially The Real Housewives. Since the Couchers do watch a lot of shows from the network, she would come prepared with a lot to say about them.

6. She's Not Afraid to Speak Her Mind

Speaking of speaking, Chrissy always has a lot to say, as you can see by following her on Twitter. Whether she's saying something smart, sassy, or throwing shade, Chrissy always brings the truth, and that's what you want to hear in Couchers' commentary.

7. She Has Personality for Days

Chrissy has a ton of experience appearing on TV as an actress, host, and guest, so she knows how to keep things entertaining with her fierce personality. There would never be a dull moment with Chrissy on screen.

8. She's Extremely GIF-able

Because of that winning personality of hers, Chrissy is incredibly expressive. That also means she is probably one of the best celebs to make GIFs out of. Just Google it, and you'll find a treasure trove of LOL-worthy moments from the star that you can replay again and again and again. She could definitely do the same for The People's Couch.

Now what we all want to know is would Chrissy ever be on The Real Housewives? She has her tagline ready if she ever gets the call.

After Show: Chrissy’s Housewives Tagline!
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