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The Daily Dish Vanderpump Rules

A 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Prep Guide

The season has proven to be more like a chess match than you might think.

By Pat Cauley

SUR, short for ‘Sexy, Unique, Restaurant,’ proved to be just that as it played host to most of Vanderpump Rules' shenanigans involving its young, unchained staff. From the onset, RHOBH mainstay and SUR owner Lisa Vanderpump teasingly warned viewers that SUR is the kind of place where you’d take your mistress. And, Lisa’s initial sentiment certainly proved true as we enjoyed a wild season full of sex, lies, and videotape. 

How to Watch

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For anyone who needs to get up to speed before tonight's reunion, here’s the CliffsNotes-style playbook of this season’s roster. 

Stassi is best friends with Katie and Kristen. However, after breaking things off with her boyfriend Jax in episode two, it forges a splinter through her entire clique, especially when she starts dating another bartender, Frank. 

When Jax isn’t acting or modeling, he’s pouring inventive cocktails behind the bar at SUR. After being dumped by Stassi, he begins a short lived, exhausting and scandalous fling with waitress Laura-Leigh, eventually breaking things off with her to focus on winning Stassi back. 

Frank is Jax’s fellow bartender, friend, and confidant. However, when he begins dating Stassi mere days after her breakup with Jax, it clearly places Frank on enemy lines. 

Kristen’s passion is modeling, acting and canoodling with her boyfriend, Tom. But being best friends with Katie and Stassi puts all of their relationships to the test as Kristen debates where her loyalties lie. 

Tom is Kristen’s boyfriend and Jax’s right-hand man behind the bar at SUR. When he’s not rockin’ away with his music on stage, he tries to be the levelheaded glue for the often-chaotic social circle. 

Katie easily finds herself caught in the middle of arguments, whether between her boyfriend and Stassi, or Kristen and Stassi. Katie seems to be the girl who can see all sides of an issue, making it sometimes hard for her to pick a side and stick to it. 

Scheana’s the new girl at SUR who’s trying to quell past drama, such as her role in breaking up RHOBH Housewife Brandi Glanville’s marriage. However, her genuine, sweet nature and passion for her music ultimately elevates people’s initial perceptions and even brings she and Stassi closer together in the season’s most unexpected friendship. 

You could almost say being on Vanderpump Rules is akin to a game of chess. It’s all fun and games until someone strikes without warning. During the infamous Vegas blowout, Jax unknowingly brings this theme to light by repeatedly labeling Frank as “just a pawn.” 

Drinks are Thrown

So, if Frank is just a pawn, it means that everyone else has individual positions as well. But, in the larger game of #PumpRules, at the end of the day, it’s Lisa who actually makes the rules, which she made abundantly clear when she fired Frank. 

Frank Gets Fired

However, the biggest shock of all came during the season finale when Jax finally came clean about lying to Stassi and their entire circle for the whole summer. 

Jax's Shocking Confession

The web of lies that Jax managed to weave left everyone around him in utter shock. In fact, his lies were so consistent and deep that Andy Cohen eventually asks Jax point blank if he’s a pathological liar during a teaser for tonight’s reunion special. 

Jax Caught Lying

All of this season's dirty laundry will be aired during the VANDERPUMP RULES reunion show tonight at 9/8c. If tonight’s reunion leaves you craving a second course of SUR drama, be sure to tune into WWHL at 11 p.m. EST/PST as Andy hosts Stassi and Jax together in the Clubhouse! 


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