Alexis Bellino's Latest Tune-Up

Alexis Bellino's Latest Tune-Up

The O.C. Wife promises "most people don't even know."

By Lauren Metz

Think Alexis Bellino has changed since last season? We'll you're right on the nose.

"Most people don't even know I had a nose job," The Real Housewives of Orange County star confided to The Orange County Register about the procedure she underwent back in October to treat the sinus infections she's suffered from for years. "They notice something [new] about me. It's perked up my face."

Though she's no stranger to plastic surgery -- Alexis previously had breast implants, Botox, and lip fillers -- Jesus Barbie was surprisingly nervous for this trip to the doctor's office. "Anything to my face, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't take the plunge. I did not want to go under the knife."

But now the leggy mom's ready to yell out a woo-hoo! about the results, and her doctor is just as pleased. "She asked me if I could make the tip a little more defined and also file down her bump," explained Dr. Michael Niccole. "Wait 'til you see her nose. It's just perfect. I don't want to brag. She's a pretty girl, I didn't have Jimmy Durante's nose [to work with]. But wait 'til you see her. It's really gorgeous."

And yes, Jim thinks so, too.

What's next for the Alexis Couture designer? Keep tabs on her and the rest of the Orange County crew using our Tweet Tracker.

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