Amber Marchese Hits the Gym Following Health Update

Amber Marchese Hits the Gym Following Health Update

The 'RHONJ' star continues to stay strong emotionally and physically in the midst of her breast cancer's return.

Work it, girl!

Amber Marchese recently spoke out for the first time since it was confirmed that her breast cancer has returned, but the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has remained ever optimistic since the diagnosis.

After updating fans on her Facebook, Amber shared a selfie post-workout. “Work out. Work out hard,” she writes. “Keep the body the Lord gave you in a healthy state. I am a living testament to how amazing exercise can be. I promise.”

Amber’s received an outpouring of love and support since it was confirmed that the mass removed from her breast is cancerous and she’s still making time to communicate with fans—especially ones that are going through similar situations.

Commenting on her most recent picture, one fan writes, “Go Amber I don’t know how u do it I am going through chemo and am very tired sorry but working out is the farthest thing on my mind.” Amber responded with encouraging words. “I did NOT work out during chemo,” she says. “Let the chemo work to do its thing. Do yoga and breathing. You will be back in the gym soon after though. I will make sure of that.”

Amber underwent surgery a little over a week ago after unexpectedly finding a lump in her breast. She received a double mastectomy and beat breast cancer once already six years ago. She’s vowed to take on this second battle like “Superwoman.”

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