And the 'Top Chef Masters' Fan Favorite Award Goes To ...

And the 'Top Chef Masters' Fan Favorite Award Goes To ...

It was close, but one (very funny) chef earned the always-flattering title.

By Mike Hess

Yes, Chris Cosentino beat out Kerry Heffernan for the title of Top Chef Masters' fourth season, and while that's fabulous news, there was another award doled out on Wednesday night: The esteemed Fan Favorite award.

So who got it? Well, if you tuned into Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen happily dispensed the news, and the winner was (drumroll ........) Takashi Yagihashi!

Yes, the Japanese chef who cooks like a ninja and curses like a sailor was picked by you to be the fan favorite, edging out Lorena Garcia for the title.

Despite getting the boot after failing to impress boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard with some bacon-infused goodness, Takashi made his impression all season long thanks to some serious kitchen skills and a razor-sharp tongue when it came to the oh-so-prevalent art of chefs cordially insulting one another in the kitchen. Here's to you, Takashi!


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