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Andy and Anderson Spill Secrets of Their Tour

What's on their riders? And why does Andy think Anderson could be "dangerous"? The duo share exclusive details.

By Kevin O'Donnell

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to eavesdrop on a conversation between BFFs Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper? Now you've got the chance.

Starting Saturday, the Watch What Happens Live host and CNN anchor are hitting the road for four dates they're calling AC2: Deep Talk and Shallow Tales. (Tickets and info available here.) The apperances, which kick-off at Boston's Wang Theater tomorrow, will offer fans an intimate and hilarious conversation about everything from politics to pop culture.

"It's what it'd be like to hang out with us for a little," Anderson tells the Daily Dish. "It's all unscripted and unplanned. We want it to be an interactive show, a peek behind the curtain, stuff you won't see on television."

The duo will take turns interviewing each other before opening up the forum for fan questions. They also have a few wild cards up their sleeves, which Andy says could lead to some "dangerous" moments.

Read on to get more details of the tour, including the real reason they're hitting the road, what's on Andy's rider, and more.

What made you guys want to tour together?
Anderson: We did a thing at the 92nd St Y about Andy's book and it was really fun. So we thought this would be fun to do, too. The truth is Andy just wants to go out afterwards in all these cities. Literally, the first thing he said was, 'We could go out afterwards!"

To do what?
Andy: Just go out and have fun!
Anderson: He just wants to go to the bars and meet people.

Are you nervous with your stature as an anchor at CNN that you might get too out of control?
Anderson: No. I never get out of control. I'm very boring. I'm going to bail probably. Andy doesn't want me tagging along.
Andy: That's not true!

What is the structure of the show?
Andy: I'll interview Anderson for a chunk.
Anderson: And I'll interview Andy for a chunk. It's a behind-the-scenes look at pop culture and world events.

What surprises are in store?
Andy: We're surprising each other with tape that each of us have cut and the other doesn't know what it is, either to celebrate or embarass the other.
Anderson: It's all unscripted and unplanned. Unplanned in that we don't know what the other plans to do. We want it to be an interactive show. A peek behind the curtain.

You guys were originally set up on a blind date years ago. How'd that happen?
Andy: It was our friend Adam.
Anderson: A friend of mine from high school tried to set us up. We made the mistake, or, rather, the right move, of having a phone call beforehand. I was at my office and I had a long conversation with him and after a little bit I thought, "There's no point in having a date."
Andy: That's nasty! I remember it a little differently. I thought we put a pin in it and you were going out of town. I was working at CBS then. I thought we said we were both going out of town and we said let's talk when we get back.
Anderson: I was putting a pin it in like a balloon—popping it [laughs].

We both know a lot about each other. I have a reputation of being freewheeling—I'll say anything. Anderson is more dangerous.”

Andy Cohen

How have rehearsals gone so far?
Andy: I was writing questions down tonight and some were serious and some weren't at all. Do you have an opinion of what the tone of the interview should be Anderson?
Anderson: It should be enjoyable for people listening. When we hang out, it's fun and we have alot of laughs. I'll leave it up to the audience to decide which one of us brings what.
Andy: The scary thing is we both know a lot about each other. And I get scared with Anderson. I have a reputation of being freewheeling—I'll say anything. Anderson is more dangerous.
Anderson: We know each other so well that we know where the bodies are buried!

Have you made any insane demands for your rider?
Andy: I just asked for Don Julio tequila and a lot of ice.
Anderson: I didn't ask for anything. I didn't know that was an option!

What's on your pre-show playlist?
: It's a lot of women—Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Taylor Swift, Diana Ross.
Anderson: Which is good because I have no musical taste whatsoever. The only music I have in my house is the iPod Andy left at my house years ago. I still play it!
Andy: I also threw in "Tardy for the Party." I think people will get a laugh out of that.

If all goes well, will you guys do more dates later this year?
Anderson: Andy wants to take the summer off.
Andy: Maybe we can do New York in the summer or something! But we do want to keep going.

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