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Andy Cohen Just Revealed Some Secrets About Hosting Real Housewives Reunions

From the "toughest reunion" to how he zones out drama, Andy's spilling on the sit-down events. 

By Hannah Chambers
Andy Cohen On Filming Reunions

While Real Housewives reunions are typically full of surprises, there’s one thing we can always expect from them: they’re typically full of plenty of drama, and leave everyone involved feeling super tired afterwards. As tense as the reunions get, cast members usually get at least a full season before they have to come back for another one, but host Andy Cohen has to sit through them all.

So how does he deal? He shared some of his secrets recently, following Part 2 of the The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion. 

In response to a viewer who tweeted at Andy to say, “Your ability to zone out drama is amazing,” the WWHL host shared the reason he’s so successful at handling the reunions. “Learned from my father…” Andy replied.

Although Andy is clearly equipped with the skills to “zone out drama,” he has previously said “it is getting harder” to remain neutral. “I used to say absolutely nothing. Sometimes now people say I take sides, or I say too much, but I really try to let everyone’s voice be heard and try to mediate if I can.” He also revealed that he gets “very upset” during the incredibly long days, as bathroom breaks and glam touch-ups can drag things out. 

In another tweet, a Real Housewives fan had a question for Andy: “What has been the best first season reunion…in your opinion!” Andy revealed that his favorite so far was The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Speaking of first season reunions, Andy has previously revealed that one of them was the “toughest reunion I ever sat through.” He was referring to The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 1 reunion, which he described as: “those early years of Jersey where it was blood warfare.” 

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