Andy's Mom Doesn't Like His Crotch-Grabbing Antics

Andy's Mom Doesn't Like His Crotch-Grabbing Antics

Watch mom admonish her son on his newly launched Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse channel.

By Camille Beckles

Mama knows best, and Andy Cohen’s mom Evelyn is positive that she does not care for the crotch games that are frequently featured on Watch What Happens Live.

In the hilarious clip below from the newly launched WWHL Clubhouse YouTube channel—you've subscribed already, right? Good!—Evelyn admonishes her son for all of his crotch-grabbing antics.

“They just show up, from time to time, in different forms,” Evelyn says. “And they’re horrible!”

We’re not taking sides here, but crotches definitely show up frequently on the late-night talk show, from “Andy Loves Crotch” to “Name That Package” to “The Deadliest Crotch.”

“I mean, who looks at people’s crotches?” Evelyn continues. “Why would somebody know whose crotch it is? And if they do know, I don’t want to know about it. They’re like Anthony Weiner!”

Now that Evelyn has weighed in, take a look at the video and tell us if you agree with her. Are there too many (or not enough) crotch games on WWHL?

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