Are the Housewives of OC Cattier Than Before?

Are the Housewives of OC Cattier Than Before?

Claws out: Jo De La Rossa and Jeana Keough gossip about the new cast.

By Nicki Gostin

Some familiar Orange County faces—Jo De La Rossa, Jeana, Kara and Shane Keough—visited the clubhouse last night to catch up with Andy. Of course, the topic turned to the current gals of the RHOC when one fan called in to grill the group about the show's current stars.

When asked if the cast is cattier and bitchier than previous incarnations Jo replied graciously that she thought the show has "changed." "It was a little bit calmer [when I was on], a little bit more normal [before], more everyday," she said. "Now it's just different." Mama Jeana added, "I think OC's winning. They are the craziest right now!"

Jeana also managed to razz Tamra when a viewer asked if Vicki is capable of having more than one friend.

"Vicki can have lots of friends," she exclaimed. "You're confusing her with Tamra. Tamra can only have one girlfriend at a time."

Perhaps the most scandalous part came when another viewer asked whether Slade was well endowed. His ex Jo demurred: "I'm going to take the Fifth on that!" But Mama Jeana weighed in with some proof. "Don't you remember the underwear sit-up shot?" she asked. "Unless that was stuffed, he's hung!" Now we know!

WWHL After Show: Is the OC Cattier Than Before?

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