Are You Smarter Than A Real Housewife?

Are You Smarter Than A Real Housewife?

They have the bling, but do they have the brains? Jay Leno quizzes the OC wives!


Are you smarter than a Real Housewife?

If you know when Columbus discovered America, then yes, congratulations, you are smarter. If you had to Google 'When did Columbus discover America?' just to be totally sure, that's cheating. Cheater.

Jay Leno quizzed The Real Housewives of Orange County on some "general knowledge questions we all learned in school," and well, either Columbus discovered America in 1776 after he was born in the country of Ohio to a British family, or the Housewives need to brush up on their U.S. History. Check out the very special 'Jaywalking' segment with the OC wives on The Jay Leno Show below, and here's a very important date in U.S. History you'll want to memorize: November 5, 2009 ... or the fifth season premiere of The Real Housewives of OC!


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