Here's What Needs to Happen Before Ashley Darby Starts Trying for a Baby

Here's What Needs to Happen Before Ashley Darby Starts Trying for a Baby

The #RHOP restaurateur gives an update on her baby plans.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Ashley Darby is ready for a baby with her husband, Michael Darby, but there's something The Real Housewives of Potomac couple has to do first before they can even think about growing their family. "Michael and I have decided to table the baby conversation until we get our first baby off the ground, which is the restaurant," Ashley told The Daily Dish prior to the start of this season of RHOP. 

Even though Ashley doesn't always seem thrilled about putting her baby plans on hold until the couple's Arlington, Virginia restaurant Oz is up and running, she said she understands that it's for the best. "Well, there's a little thing called the biological imperative that literally every time I see a baby, my ovaries start doing somersaults, so I'm gonna need for them to calm down. I'm still on board with having a family. Obviously, Michael's not getting any younger. But I don't feel like I would be able to devote the same time and attention I would want to a family right now when I would be stressed out thinking about Oz all the time, what's happening there," Ashley said. "I don't want [the restaurant] to necessarily be the only place that we are because we have to be there all the time. So I want to be able to focus on actually raising my child and devoting the time after my first baby gets off the ground."

So does that mean Ashley is still using the pull-out method, as she mentioned last season and that she bonded with newbie Monique Samuels over in a recent episode of RHOP? "Yes, 100 percent. I will never put hormones in this body ever. It's tried and proven. Michael and I have been together for six years, and we have had no issues. We've had maybe one or two scares, but then that thing [her period] came two days later," Ashley said. "I don't think everybody should do that though. I don't want that to become a thing. I hope that people are really [wrapping] it up." 

Watch Ashley and Monique bond over their birth control, below.

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