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The Daily Dish Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Colin Reveals an “Embarrassing” Moment with Gary and Marcos Captured by the Yacht’s Cameras

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Colin MacRae couldn’t stop “giggling the entire time” with Gary King and Marcos Spaziani.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Daily Dish Ig Bdsy Colin Gary Marcos

Colin MacRae couldn’t help but cringe at the June 13 episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

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Before the episode aired earlier this week, Parsifal III’s chief engineer took to Instagram to tease what was to come, captioning a photo of himself, Chef Marcos Spaziani, and Gary King from the charter season: “There’s an embarrassing scene of the [three] of us that’s gonna make you wet yourself laughing.”

What Colin was referring to turned out to be when cameras captured the trio having a playful moment in their cabin, which the chief engineer actually does look back on fondly. In an Instagram post on June 15, Colin shared that it was a “way of showing love and affection” among the three friends. “Our bromance is being coined the greatest love story in reality [TV] history, and the slightly intoxicated spoon with my brothers says it all,” he wrote. “And yes that’s me giggling the entire time, all caught on the security cam.”

We imagine moments like these are what inspired Colin, Marcos, and Gary to call themselves “The Giggle Club,” as the chief engineer revealed in an interview with Bravo Insider earlier this season. “Like, me, Marcos, and Gary were just giggling the entire time like a bunch of schoolgirls,” Colin said. “It was just a really fun season to do.”

Colin also spoke about his bond with Gary, which formed when they first started working together in Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. “So, I’m from New Zealand and he’s from South Africa, and there’s a very similar culture that we grew up with, which is more similar than say, like, Americans or people from the U.K. Like, we play rugby and we surf and we have barbecues, and we have all of that in common. So when I met him on the show, we immediately had this bond where we had similar upbringings, you know, a lot of outdoor activities,” Colin told Bravo Insider. “It was just a friendship that blossomed so naturally and easily. Whether we were on the show or I met him outside the show, we still would’ve become great friends, I think.”

Colin similarly had an instant connection with Marcos when he met the chef on this season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. “I got to develop a really strong bond with the chef, Marcos. We talk almost every day still. We’re talking about going into business together, like it’s a genuine friendship that developed,” he shared with Bravo Insider. “So that was really rewarding, coming out of that season having a new close friend that we call each other brothers now. It was a really strong connection that we formed over those six weeks.”

Marcos also reflected on building “a brotherhood so fast” with Colin and Gary on Instagram on May 23, gushing in the post, “Love you guys and I miss you both!!”

In February, the chef added another Instagram featuring good times with Colin and Gary from the charter season, writing, “We created a brotherhood faster than ever!!!! Grateful for that.”

Around the same time, Gary also shared those moments on Instagram, writing in the post, “Reminiscing about the season we had together! Working on yachts is hard but when you’ve got people like this by your side it makes it a lot easier!”

There has been no shortage of photos posted by these three best mates throughout this season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and we love to see it!

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is streaming on Peacock.

Photo: Colin MacRae/Instagram

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