'Below Deck's' Chef Ben Robinson: Team Adrienne?

'Below Deck's' Chef Ben Robinson: Team Adrienne?

The British chef calls crewmate Kat's request to switch rooms "obnoxious."

By Monica A. Reyhani

Below Deck has had its fair share of crew members rocking the boat (pun always intended). So far, in its madien season, Chief Stew Adrienne Gang has butted heads with both of her stews--Samantha Orme and Kat Held. She's also gotten some flack from Captain Lee--as has C.J. Lebeau and Aleks Taldykin. One crew member that has seemed to have stayed pretty neutral so far is Chef Ben Robinson...until now. On last night's episode, the tides have started to turn for the clever Brit.

Reaching her breaking point with Adrienne, Kat asks Ben if he'll switch rooms. At first, he says he'll think about it, but things get very awkward when Adrienne hears the gang talking about it.

Room Switch Drama

Bravotv.com caught up with the chef to find out what he really thought about Kat's request

"I feel like it is embarrassing for Adrienne and also quite obnoxious," he says. "Since when do you insult your senior that badly and get away with it?!"

Commenting further on the relationship between Adrienne and her stews, he adds, "Although Adrienne can come across as slightly charmless, she is their boss and they should at least dignify that!!"

Well, looks like Ben may be Team Adrienne for now. Keep watching Below Deck on Mondays at 10 p.m. to find out if the room change does, in fact, happen.

You can also read the rest of our conversation with Ben where he talks about his culinary background and his desire to compete on Top Chef.

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