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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of New York City

Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan's Most Hilarious Moments Together

The Real Housewives of New York City duo is undoubtedly better when they're together.

By Talia Ergas
Your First Look at Luann & Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake

As far as Real Housewives’ friendships go, few duos have given us as much comedic fodder as Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps. Sure, The Real Housewives of New York City pairing has had their fair share of fallings-out over the years. But The Countess and Sonjarita always come back together — and they keep us cracking up while they do it. 

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Still, the best is yet to come, as Sonja and Luann head to Benton, Illinois in Luann & Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake, which premieres July 9 at 9/8c. Don’t believe us? Watch the trailer above to get a sneak peek at some of the season’s hilarious highlights. 

While we wait for the fun to begin, let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive some of this duo’s most iconic moments of friendship. It was tough to whittle down the long list to a top 10, but we did our best (in no particular order). 

Luann de Lesseps saved Sonja Morgan with hangers in Morocco

Luann De Lesseps holding many hangers while filming Real Housewives of New York

Season 4’s cast trip to Morocco proved to be one of the most memorable in RHONY history.

One highlight came after Cindy Barshop accused Sonja of stealing her hangers. Luann hilariously swerved to the rescue with armfuls of hangers for anyone who was in need. 

Luann de Lesseps comforted Sonja Morgan after a rough night with Ramona Singer

Coma Toast

One morning in Season 5, Sonja woke up feeling worse for the wear after sharing a room with Ramona Singer. Of course, Luann was there for a much-needed embrace.

“I should have slept with you last night,” Sonja told her pal Lu.

Relive the moment by watching the clip above. 

The ladies posed with a pirate in St. Barths

The cast of Real Housewives of New York wearing red outfits and partying with a pirate.

Everything about Season 5’s jaunt to St. Barths was magnificent, but no moment was more delightful than when the ladies met Tomas (better known as “The Pirate”), and posed for this unforgettable snap.

Sonja Morgan lost a tooth and the Countess reacted

The Tooth Hurts for Sonja Morgan

In Season 6, Sonja is mid-conversation with Aviva Drescher when her tooth spontaneously popped out of her mouth. We quickly learn that this is a thing that happens sometimes, as Sonja rushes to re-affix it with adhesive. “I’m too young to be Polident-ing,” she quips.

Of course, the Countess had something to say about the etiquette of the moment. “There’s not a chapter in my book, Class with the Countess, about losing a tooth,” she said in an interview during the episode. “I guess I’ll have to add an addendum.”

The ladies did sexy yoga together, played "Marry, F, Kill," drank margaritas

No one does yoga quite like the New York City Housewives, which we learned in a hilarious Season 11 scene in the video above. We could tell you all about the grunting and groaning that took place while Sonja and Luann were in downward dog, but perhaps you’d rather just press play on the clip above to relive it. 

And, who doesn’t love a wholesome game of "Marry, F, Kill"? While performing her Cabaret show in Season 12, Luann was joined on stage by Sonja, who was asked to take her picks between Dorinda Medley, Ramona, and Tinsley Mortimer. Sonja’s responses (which you can hear around minute six) made the audience roar with laughter, of course. 

We dare you to try to watch Season 9’s Tequila, Mexico episodes without non-stop laughing. (Impossible.) Of all the outrageous moments, on particular highlight includes Sonja attempting to chug the entire margarita pitcher — before Luann quickly came to the rescue. The scene is certainly worth a rewatch, which you can do in the clip above. 

Luann de Lesseps caught Sonja Morgan peeing in a cornfield

The Real Housewives of New York City Get Lost in a Corn Field

A Season 12 trip to a corn maze left Sonja in quite a pickle when she had to relieve herself but couldn’t find her way out.

Luann and Tinsley could not contain their laughter — nor their horror — when they stumbled upon Sonja with her pants down. 

Luann de Lesseps made Sonja Morgan eggs à la française

Nice Doesn't Work With You People

In Season 7, Sonja found herself in a kerfuffle with Bethenny Frankel and Ramona on the beach. As things were getting heated, Luann interrupts just in time with her signature breakfast dish. 

“I made you eggs. Look at this,” Luann says while handing Sonja a plate. “Scrambled eggs à la française.”

Sonja Morgan ate a sandwich while comforting Luann de Lesseps

Sonja Morgan Food Rhony Moment

A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment from the Season 12 premiere is one of our favorite displays of this friendship.

Seated on a park bench, the duo aired their grievances with each other from the past year and seemed to make amends. While they went in for a hug to seal the deal, Sonja used the opportunity to take a massive bite of food using her free hand.

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