Bethenny's On a Budget. Seriously.

Bethenny's On a Budget. Seriously.

How the gajillionaire mama still cuts corners.

By Lauren Metz

Don't let the $120 million fool you. "I'm a bargain shopper," Bethenny Frankel proudly admits on her website. And it's a pocket-happy trait she's extending to the whole family. "I find the best bargains for myself so why wouldn't I do the same for Bryn?"

Admit it, how many moms out there just bopped their heads up and down? "It's crazy to spend a lot of money on outfits that are going to get spilled on and grown out of in a matter of minutes," B adds. So for everyone with $120 million in the bank – or not – Bethenny shares, "Here are three helpful tips for snagging cute kids clothing for fall without overspending."

First up? Get thrifty. "Most consignment stores sell kids clothes too. You can score barely worn designer threads for your kids at much lower prices than brand new pieces from the latest collections."

Another idea is to host a mommies-only event. "If you have friends who have children, set up a clothing swap party," Mrs. Hoppy adds. And one final bit of consumer smarts, "Just like you do for your own wardrobe, find less expensive alternatives to the latest kids trends at stores like Target or Kohl's. There's no need to spend a lot of money on something that's going to quickly go out of style." Amen, Bethenny!

What other savvy advice does B have? Use our Tweet Tracker to shop like a Bravolebrity.

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