Big Jenni Style

Big Jenni Style

Jenni Pulos shares her rap collaboration wish list.

By Andrew Herrmann

Jenni Pulos' forthcoming children's rap album is sure to be a game changer for the genre. But will the Flipping Out flow master be teaming up with any other rappers in the near future? caught up with Master P(ulos) to find out.

Jenni revealed that if she could choose anyone, she'd go with "Snoop Dogg, but I'd also have to say Lil' John." However the name at the top of her list may surprise you... Will Smith! Clearly Jenni likes to keep it old school. She's even got the title of their track picked out already -- "Parents (and My Boss) Just Don't Understand." Needless to say we'll be pre-ordering as soon as it's available (fingers crossed).

Be sure to tune in for the new season of Flipping Out premiering Wednesday, July 6 at 9/8c. 

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