Brad Goreski: 'I'm Not Ashamed' of Crying

Brad Goreski: 'I'm Not Ashamed' of Crying

The stylist talks about the trouble behind his tears.

Brad Goreski of It's a Brad, Brad World
Clothes aren't everything. Brad Goreski flashes his climb to the top of the fashion world in It's a Brad, Brad World, but he also touches on problems behind the couture curtain.

"All of this stuff started happening with my dad," the celebrity stylist confides to Thread NY. "I mean, we love each other, he's a fantastic father, but for some reason, we just had problems with our relationship in the past year, and it kind of escalated while we were filming. It was kind of hard to go through on camera, because it was really personal, and stuff that's been ongoing for my entire life."

Regardless of the difficultly, Brad says he's glad those moments were captured. "I also feel like -- and I don't want to keep harping on the 'gay' thing -- but I hope a lot of young gay guys will be able to relate," he says. "I think a lot of us have struggles with our fathers, and even though my dad's completely accepted me and loves my boyfriend, it was what was happening. I think that's where a lot of the tears came from… As much flak as I may take for being such a crier, there's so much honesty and vulnerability and truth there that I'm not ashamed."

Brad opens himself up again tonight when an all new It's a Brad, Brad World premieres at 10/9c.

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