Brandi and Carlton Have a Heart-to-Heart

Brandi and Carlton Have a Heart-to-Heart

The RHOBH pals dish on that kiss, "drunk Brandi," and more.

By Hilary Hughes

"I guess you have to take the good with the bad, and right now, it's a little bad."

Brandi Glanville delivered a hefty dose of real talk on the latest episode of her podcast Brandi Glanville: Unfiltered—and this time she was joined by her co-star Carlton Gebbia. The pair had a revealing conversation about everything from "that kiss" to Brandi's fights with Joyce Giraud.

But she put a positive spin on all the negativity. "Honestly, this year, if Carlton and I hadn't kissed, I hadn't said this stupid joke, and Lisa and I didn't get in a fight, we wouldn't have a show," she bluntly states at the start of the podcast. "I'm just being honest, and it sucks, but I tend to be volatile, and I love hard at the end of the day."

As for their infamous smooch in the pool, Carlton and Brandi laughed it off, with Carlton downplaying the whole scenario. "Like I said before on one of my blogs, we didn't elope, we didn't get married, we didn't have children!" she says. "Brandi and I were having a barbeque at my house, and we were in the Jacuzzi, and we were drinking...we definitely connected. And yeah, we shared a kiss. And it literally was that. My husband was barbequing, and David looked over, like, 'Oh God!' and smiled. And that was it."

Brandi and Carlton go on to talk more RHOBH gossip about the girls—specifically the Palm Springs trip they're still both trying to come to terms with. And Carlton brings up a revealing point about her filter-free friend. Brandi's sons, Mason and Jake, are never filmed for the show, and she thinks that only stokes the perception that she's out of control.

"It's hard," says Brandi. "[The viewers] see the drunk Brandi saying stupid shit...but I want them to see what you see. We've gone out to dinner with the kids—which, it's so adorable—I have other sides to me just as you do."

"I definitely think you're at disadvantage," admits Carlton. "I think other people on this Housewives team have all shown their relationships with their children. You haven't, so you are at a disadvantage. But I have seen it firsthand. I know what an amazing mum you are."

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