Bravo GIF Bag: Preparing for a Fast

Bravo GIF Bag: Preparing for a Fast

The best way to prepare for Yom Kippur? Watching Top Chef Masters.

By Monica A. Reyhani

Apologies in advance for a less-than-upbeat GIF bag. Tomorrow is Yom Kippur and just the thought of fasting for 24+ hours has me eating today's meals like this...


I feel ya, Kathy! Kathy Wakile is not fasting, though, she's just OVER IT.

What prepares a hungry Jewess better for fasting than watching Top Chef Masters? Everything? On this week's episode the bromance between chefs Douglas Keane and Sang Yoon came to a head when Doug tried to screw over his friend by creating a Quickfire Challenge centered around Sang's nemesis -- ketchup. Sang had the last laugh in the Quickfire, ending up in the top group, while Doug sank to the bottom. But ultimately, a Mexican-themed Elimination Challenge did Sang in and he was eliminated. I'm going to miss Sang, but we'll always have this.:


OK, this is getting mildly depressing. Let's enjoy the summer while we still can!


That felt good. Have a great weekend (and an easy fast for those observing Yom Kippur.)

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