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Brielle Biermann Posts Intense Photos from Her Double Jaw Surgery and Recovery

"Top 3 hardest days of my life!" Kim Zolciak-Biermann said of her daughter's recent procedure.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Brielle Biermann Double Jaw Surgery

Brielle Biermann is opening up about a recent medical procedure.

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The Don't Be Tardy daughter took to Instagram on September 6 to share that she underwent double jaw surgery last month. "Sooooo… I had double jaw surgery on August 23 to correct my TMJ [and] 9 mm overjet overbite," Brielle shared. "This was NOT for aesthetics but for quality of life. I sucked my thumb til I was 9 ishhh which made the roof of my mouth suuuuuper narrow and my excessive overbite [caused] my teeth to have no contact whatsoever."

Brielle went on to describe some of the issues she has experienced throughout her life due to her overbite. "Have you ever thought about what it’s like to not be able to bite into pizza? Or OMG trying to bite into an onion on a burger? Impossible for me. I had to use my tongue to help me chew and almost choked every time I ate," she said. "That lisp some of y’all complained about? Thank the overbite for that as well."

She shared that she "was so scared" of having this surgery done and "was completely dreading" it, "fearing the worst of the worst." Thankfully, the procedure was successful, which Brielle attributed to her "positive mindset, strong family [and] friends support system," as well as the help of IV treatments and her "incredible doctors." "I got [through] the first two weeks, which are supposed to be the hardest, easy breezy!" Brielle said. "I already feel more aligned and can breathe way better, especially at night when I would snore and have to breathe [through] my mouth."

Brielle also revealed in the post that she got braces in November, confirming that she has not had veneers. She added that she "tried my hardest to hide them because honestly, who at 24 years old wants to look like they did in middle school again? Not me!"

She also explained why she felt like having this work done on her teeth and jaw was a necessity. "I was told in August 2020 if I did not get braces and get this surgery I would crack my back 4 teeth and never be able to eat again by the time I was 27 so I really had no option," Brielle wrote. "And man am I so thankful I did it already!!"

Immediately after her surgery, Brielle was only able to consume liquids through a syringe, which she said "has really sucked." Now she is able to eat things like soups and smoothies through a cup, which she said is "still difficult." Brielle even had Chef Tracey Bloom blend food like mac and cheese and ravioli for her to eat, which she said was actually "deeeeeliciousssss. But never again." "Anyways, that’s what’s been happening in my life the past 2 weeks," Brielle ended her post. "4 more til I can eat pasta and soft foods and 3 months til pizza!!! Counting down the days literally."

In the post and in her recent Instagram Stories, Brielle also included photos and videos of herself before and after the surgery, as well as from her recovery and previously getting braces.

Brielle received a ton of love and support from fans and some familiar faces in the comments of her Instagram post, including Tracey, mom Kim Zolciak-Biermann, Ashlee Holmes Malleo, and Jill Zarin.

In addition to Kim's comment ("You are the toughest cookie I know! So proud of you!!! It’s only up from here!!!!"), she also posted about Brielle's surgery on her Instagram on September 6. "Top 3 hardest days of my life! @briellebiermann had to have her top and bottom jaw broken. Not for aesthetic reasons but as a necessity," Kim wrote. "I’ll never forget leaving my baby as she walked into Pre-op with the nurse. I cried and cried and kept on crying!! I dreaded this day for well over a year. Her surgery took over 6hrs .....the longest 6hrs of my life. I was on edge all day! I have the most incredible family and friends and I’m so grateful."

Kim shared that she had actually been "doing OK" when they finally got the call that Brielle was recovering in the ICU after her surgery. "We waited hours after we got there to see her. Finally we get the call that she is in a room and we can see her. As I walked down that hospital corridor my heart was beating out of my chest. I was NOT ready to see my baby like this. I knew I never would be!" Kim recalled. "Kroy [Biermann] went in [first,] I could hear him softly saying, 'Hi sweetie we are here, are you [OK?'] At that VERY moment I just slid down the wall in the hallway in the fetal position and couldn’t stop crying. Like how am I going to do this? I paced back and forth never once looking into her room..... At one point I thought I heard Brielle say, 'MOM' 'MOM' but surely it wasn’t her .. no way!! [Doctors] told us she wouldn’t be able to talk for a least 2 weeks!!"

However, Kim knew that she had to be there for her daughter when she needed her mom the most. "All of [a] sudden I hear Kroy say, 'KIM she needs [you,] come [in.]' I prayed for strength and in I walked.... my heart could not take it. I walked right out!! Cried some more as she called me again. I stood behind the [nurse's] computer for what seemed like a lifetime until Brielle [said,] 'Mom are you crying' and tears fell down her face," Kim shared. "I put my big girl panties on and went and held her hand. My heart was racing and racing. Every noise, every sound made me so nervous."

Kim ended her post by thanking Brielle's "most INCREDIBLE" nurses and doctors. "We are forever grateful. They were AMAZING!" she said. "We have been getting through this and Brielle has superseded all of the [doctors'] expectations. So proud of you Elle! Love you [to] the moon and back ALWAYS."

Kim and Brielle received more heartwarming messages in the comments section of the Don't Be Tardy matriarch's Instagram post, including from The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Porsha Williams and Shamea Morton.

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