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The Daily Dish Ladies of London

It's Caroline Stanbury and Juliet Angus Against the World This Season of Ladies of London

The #LadiesOfLondon pals are sticking together.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Caroline Stanbury Feels Alone This Season of Ladies of London

You may have noticed that Caroline Stanbury isn't exactly on the best of terms with everyone in the Ladies of London crew this season. We mean, she was absolutely not having any of what was going down when Julie Montagu proposed that the squad go on a fishing trip during their visit to Mapperton. Although it was kind of worth it just to learn the new burn "sit and swivel," no? 

Caroline's relationship with Julie started off rocky this season and just seems to have gotten worse and worse. In recent episodes, she has found herself at odds with onetime besties Sophie Stanbury and Adela King. Don't expect Caroline's friendships with them or many of the other ladies to improve this season. "This one has to be checking both shoulders," Juliet Angus recently told The Daily Dish of Caroline's tense relationship with many of the women this season. 

Caroline then explained to The Daily Dish that she feels alone this time around, but she's actually OK with that. "I'm on my own personal island, but I've decided I'm gonna stay there" she said. "I'm happy on my own, to be honest." 

Juliet said that she thinks Caroline's constantly calm and cool demeanor may bother some of the other ladies. "I think it's also being a little intimidated that even when things fall apart for her, you hold it together," she said. "And some of these girls, it's almost like flailing, trying to figure out how to mess up, ruffle her feathers."

Caroline Stanbury Walks Out of Mapperton

Caroline said she didn't exactly know why it seems like many of her former friends have banded together against her, but she said that the new friendships they have formed with one another may be really "exciting" for them. "You're talking about new friendships of girls that have known each other for a month or two. Look, I call that the honeymoon phase. It's like newlyweds that just get engaged, and they're judgmental of every other couple. Come back in 15 years and let's discuss. These girls don't know each other," Caroline said. "Understand the beast you're dealing with, really know each other, and then if you still feel the same way, then I'll listen to your opinions." 

Juliet agreed. "It's true, actually. Marissa [Hermer] and Adela are like BFFs, love this girl so much, and it's like they've really only known each other for six months," she said. "It's easy for [the group] to talk about us behind our backs but not to our faces. It is interesting that these friendships are like, 'I'm there for you. You're so great.' It's like, they haven't been through a couple things with each other yet." 

Though some people have accused Juliet of blindly defending Caroline, she said the two have built up that loyalty over years of friendship. "It's funny because people are like, 'You two seem to really have each other's back,' but it's been five years. This has been five years, and we've gone at it [with] each other," Juliet said. "I'm definitely not her puppet. I definitely stand up to her."

Caroline Stanbury and Julie Montagu's Showdown

One of those people is Julie, who called Juliet "Caroline's service dog" and "Caroline's bitch" when she chimed in to defend her pal during their showdown earlier this season (clip above). "That's very yogi of her," Juliet said sarcastically about the comment. 

Caroline said Juliet wasn't actually speaking on her behalf in that instance. "The bit where she was calling her a 'service dog' was when she stepped in with her own argument about something that she felt, not backing me up, actually. It was a feeling that she had, not my feeling, so I don't understand that," Caroline explained. "So she wants to diminish her opinion and say it's just because I have that opinion. I actually didn't say she was a crappy friend. I said she [has] loose lips. It was nothing to do with the argument. [Juliet] said she was a crappy friend." 

Juliet teased that not everything is as it seems thus far. "I think people watching this season will see different sides of people that they haven't seen before because as you get to know people, you can't just be one-sided all the time," Juliet said. "You'll see different sides to people throughout the season, and we've only just begun." 

As Ladies of London charges on, check out a sneak peek of Tuesday night's new episode, below.

Caroline Stanbury is Traumatized
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