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The Daily Dish Ladies of London

Cheers, London! Caroline Stanbury Is Moving to Dubai

The #LadiesOfLondon fashionista gives all the details on her next adventure.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Caroline Stanbury is the quintessential Londoner, but she'll soon be calling another major world city home. The Ladies of London fashionista is starting a new life in Dubai, she revealed to The Daily Dish via email. 

Caroline said she and her family are moving to the United Arab Emirates city for her husband Cem Habib's job. "And also we wanted to pick a place where we could travel less and be more with the family," she said. "The children are young enough to settle easily, and everyone is up for an adventure, frankly, I  cannot wait for some sun." 

The family is slated to arrive at their new Dubai home on Friday in an area called Al Bari outside of the main city. "It’s all man-made, botanical gardens, gated community with a gym in the middle. I’m hoping for a quieter pace," Caroline described. "Very near to the children’s schools, and we have lot of friends there so it shouldn’t be too hard."


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Actually, it sounds like Caroline and Cem's children, Yasmine, Aaron, and Zac, aren't taking the move that hard at all. "The children have just started seeing pictures of the new house, so I’m ready for their arrival. They will feel at home right away, and they are super excited. The kids actually can’t wait, and I think they’re more excited than Cem and I," Caroline gushed. "Cem is Turkish, so he has lived out of his country for a long time, so this isn’t a big move for him. I think, honestly, we’re all just treating it as an adventure. My family [is] in the UK, so I will be back and forth a lot."


Caroline previously lived outside of the UK during her 20s, and she's been eager to make her home in a sunnier country lately. "I always wanted to move. I’ve always wanted to live in the sun," she said. "Obviously, my home will always be [the] UK and London but why not? "I’d love to live in America someday (wink wink)." 

Caroline has even "brought LA living to Dubai" in the interior of her new abode designed by Earl Crown Design, which she said "has a light, breezy, and calm feel." It sounds like furnishing her new crib has been good practice for Caroline as she prepares to launch her new Stanbury Living furniture line in the future.

This sneak peek of Caroline's Dubai home definitely has us California dreamin'. 

Considering all of this talk about sun, it might not come as a surprise that Caroline isn't going to miss London's often gray and dreary weather. However, she said it will be tough to be so far away from her friends and family, even if she expects that many of her Ladies of London castmates will come visit. "Luke [Henderson] I’m hoping will come and stay a lot. He’ll go anywhere there’s a free meal and spare bed. Sophie [Stanbury] is coming for Christmas with my whole family and kids. Caroline [Fleming]’s coming out for half term," she said. "To be honest, I think they’re all coming, and I’m not worried about staying in touch — it’s who I won’t be able to get rid of." 

Caroline used her ultra-glam 40th birthday party last April as a bon voyage bash since she had all of her loved ones gathered in one place. But she assures us that her move to Dubai isn't a permanent one. Caroline said she will "absolutely" return to live in London once again. "We kept the house, which is where we'll end up. We’ve only rented it out," she explained. "This is just a temporary adventure."

While we wait to hear more of what's sure to be a brilliant time in Dubai for Caroline and her family, go inside her former fab digs, below.

Tour Caroline's Closet
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