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The Daily Dish Ladies of London

Sophie Stanbury Says She and Caroline Stanbury Are "On Hold, Not Broken"

The #LadiesOfLondon sisters-in-law haven't quite gotten their friendship back on track.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Sophie & Caroline’s Relationship

Caroline Stanbury revealed that she and sister-in-law Sophie Stanbury were still "broken" when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in December. Fast forward a month, and the Stanbury sisters are still not in a good place, according to Sophie. 

But at least now it sounds like there's hope. "We're on hold, not broken. That would be, like, forever," Sophie reacted to Caroline's previous comments on WWHL during an interview with The Daily Dish. "I think there is at some point going to be a reconciliation but just not quite yet." 

Sophie said that she was surprised that Caroline spoke so candidly about their relationship after expressing that she didn't want to publicize their issues on Ladies of London. "But the fact is relationships go through ups and downs, and I'm sure at some point we'll figure it out," she said. "The main thing is [my ex-husband] Alex [Stanbury] and I are in a good place. We communicate pretty well. The boys are happy. They spent time in Dubai. And even though Caroline and I aren't in a good place, everything else is calm."

Are Caroline & Sophie Good?

Sophie said that Caroline's move to Dubai has helped in repairing their relationship. "The fact that we live so far away from each other, it's good to have that space right now and reevaluate and figure out how to patch things up eventually," she shared. "It was so intense filming, and I think when you are very close to somebody and you have been very close to somebody and then your relationship becomes negative, it's really difficult going through that. And I found it really hard, and I know Caroline found it really hard. So now to have to relive it, watch it again, it brings back some of those feelings. So I think we'll just wait until [this season of Ladies of London has] finished airing, have a bit more space, and then have a conversation." 

A one-on-one conversation is exactly what Sophie said she and Caroline need in order to get their relationship back on track. "I think we just need to sit down, have a really good heart-to-heart about why we felt the way we did about what happened and our reactions to things, get to a place where we're really honest and open with each other. I think that hasn't happened yet. It's either been one of us saying things to one person, the other one jumping back, or vice versa," Sophie explained. "I just don't think we're ready to have that conversation yet. I think there's too many emotions still tied up there and a bit of anger and a bit of hurt. So I think we just need to let those feelings die down before we come together again." 

And after they do, Sophie said she would consider visiting Caroline in Dubai, just not in the near future "I would love to go see her in Dubai at some point. Our children are still my niece and nephews. We are still connected as a family," she said. "So yeah, of course, I hope we will bury the hatchet and move on and have a nice time in the hot sunshine of Dubai at some point. But just not now." 

Watch Caroline and Sophie try to hash out their issues this season of Ladies of London, below.

Are Caroline and Sophie No Longer Family?
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