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The Daily Dish Blood, Sweat & Heels

Chantelle Fraser On Still 'Adjusting' to Fame

The #BloodSweatHeels star shares what her life is like these days.

By Jocelyn Vena

For Blood Sweat and Heels star Chantelle Fraser, adjusting to having her life documented on the small screen has been a learning experience. And not only was she new to the series this season (which has its season finale on Sunday), but she's also a rookie when it comes to seeing social media weigh in on her life as they watch it all go down on TV every week.

"It’s definitely a whole lot more hectic," she tells Vibe of what her life has been like these days. "I’ve had a lot more social engagements. Also, the main thing is, you’re up for public scrutiny every week. Every week you have the potential to be roasted on social media and that can be tough."

The British-born entrepreneur recalls how the experience has changed for her since her first episode aired.

"My first week, people didn’t really know me and obviously I’m British, so that has a different dynamic," she says. "So you know it was tough for people just adjusting to me. But since then, people are really getting to know me and see different layers to my personality and the response has actually been overwhelmingly good, thank God. But you know, everything can change after every episode, so it’s almost like playing Russian roulette. One week everybody loves you, and the next week everybody hates you. You never know how it’s going to turn out. But so far, it’s been really great. The best thing that I think that’s happened to me is that I’ve had so many opportunities that have opened up to me. I’m just really now in the space of opportunity, which I think is actually one of the best times of my life."

But for now, she's just trying to stay grounded and focused on her career as the owner of Flawless, a promotions and modeling agency. "I mean it’s definitely a big adjustment," she says. "This is the first time anything like this has happened to me in my life. So, it’s a unique experience and it’s also very exciting. The trick is really to stay focused on business and the day-to-day activities and not get caught up in the frenzy [that] surrounds becoming a TV personality. That includes social media, events, and people who always want to talk about the show. You definitely have to stay focused and that is the challenge. It’s an adjustment."

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