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Chase Chrisley Reveals the Most Painful Thing About the New Season of Chrisley Knows Best

"That was the worst thing," the reality teen tells The Daily Dish.

By Jocelyn Vena

Things are about to change in a big way in the Chrisley household. With Season 4 of Chrisley Knows Best premiering Tuesday, March 8, Todd Chrisley and his wacky family are adjusting to two of the kids leaving the nest to forge their independence. Chase and Savannah have moved away from the familial casa for university life, which Chase tells The Daily Dish not only adds a new dimension to the series, but has helped with his personal growth. "I'm having a great time finding out who I am as a person and what I want to do going forward," Chase told The Daily Dish. "It's a blast."

But that's not the only move that Chase is making. In addition to Season 4 launching on USA this week, Chase will premiere his new show The Chase Chrisley Podcast on PodcastOne March 15. The Daily Dish spoke to Chase about what kinds of trouble we'll be seeing him get into this time around and which Kardashian he most wants to hang out with.

So this season since is a little bit different because you are not living at home full-time and you're in college. What was it like splitting your time between college life and heading back home?

Chase Chrisley: It was fun. It's a blessing to be able to film and work with my family. But being away from home, it wasn't all it panned out to be. I missed my family way more than I thought I would. Late at night, it was like, "I wish I could go in there and see my mama right now."

Chase's mom and dad, Juile and Todd.T

In the trailer we see your dad is not very happy about your tattoo, and makes you get it removed...

Oh my gosh, that was the worst pain I ever gone through in my entire life. And I'm so bad about needles and stuff — that was the worst thing.

Have you gotten it fully removed yet?

Well, whenever you go to get the removals, they do the laser and then you have to wait six weeks for your skin to heal before they can do it again. So I just got through my third treatment and it takes 10 to [remove the tattoo] completely of course. But you can tell — it's really faded already. Every session is booked and my dad has made sure of that. Whenever he gets an opportunity to go, he's definitely there because he loves to see that. It's like the ultimate family bonding experience. Oh yeah! I'm sitting there with this laser destroying my side and he's just getting a kick out of it.

Is there one thing that happened [while filming] that you really can't wait to see on the show?

I think I'm really excited for people to see the tattoo removal. I think people will get a huge laugh out of that. Then just the banter back and forth between my dad and I. Now that he doesn't really have as much reign on me as he used to, I think it's way more interesting. It's a different dynamic.

How would you describe this new season?

I think it's definitely different than Season 3 and the rest of the seasons because everyone's evolving [and] getting older. It's just [interesting] seeing how my parents [deal] with that; my dad's not happy about it at all. We're coming into ourselves and learning who we are as people and it's a totally different dynamic now.

How did you prepare for a podcast?

It was definitely different. It was way more work than I thought it would be. Filming for Chrisley Knows Best — I'm not a producer, so I don't really have to deal with that side of it. It really makes me appreciate what [the producers] do way more because I had to come up with content, I had to come up with questions to ask my guests. All the material on the show I had to come up with.

If you could have anybody stop by — your dream guest — who would that person be?

My dream guest? I'm probably going to have to give it to Kanye. Either 'Ye or Khloe Kardashian. I'll take any Kardashian.

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