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Kenya Moore Actually Has Some Nice Things to Say About Chateau Shereé — In Between the Shade

"I was expecting Chateau Shereé to be Chateau the Sh**," the #RHOA entrepreneur said.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Kenya Moore Has Finally Seen Chateau Shereé

Put Kenya Moore and Shereé Whitfield in a room together, and it's likely that they'll get along just fine. That is, until the conversation turns to mold and baseboards. 

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It seems that whenever Kenya and Shereé start talking about the construction of their highly-anticipated new homes, things always end up getting heated. "I think Shereé and I get along otherwise, but building a home is no small feat. It takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of money, it takes a lot of headache dealing with contractors... It is just a huge undertaking, and it's just very personal," Kenya told The Daily Dish of their so-called House Wars. "For Shereé to be building a home for five years is probably, maybe, embarrassing for her. And to have me come along and go, 'You know what, girl? Let me do this. Let me show you how it's done,' and do it in less than a year, I just think that that just creates a lot of tension and rivalry, just natural rivalry and competition." 

Kenya finally saw Chateau Shereé with her own eyes at her castmate's housewarming party at the end of October. "I can tell you that it was very underwhelming," she said of seeing the home. "To wait five years to see Chateau whatever the name is now, I was just underwhelmed." 

Kenya added that the home appeared unfinished to her, and she questioned some of Shereé's design decisions. "Honestly, I thought it was a beautiful home. Clearly, it's not my taste. I love a modern aesthetic. But I could appreciate someone else's home that's different from mine. I just didn't understand the design of it. I didn't understand why the ceilings were taller and higher than the size of the rooms. The scale was off. There was fake marble everywhere. There were no appliances," she explained. "And so you just have to be really careful about when you say and judge for someone else because you have not looked at yourself. So be very careful because karma is something else." 

Moore Manor vs. Chateau Sheree: Round 2

Speaking of karma, Kenya was prepared to serve up the reads about Shereé's crib when she arrived at her housewarming party, just as her castmate did in her abode at the beginning of this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (clip above). "Let's just say at Shereé's housewarming, I give as good as I got. It [was] an epic showdown. She will eat the words that she spit at me for not having my home finished," Kenya said. "She had six more months to finish, and it's still not finished. The shade of it all." 

But Kenya swears that she kept an open mind upon entering Chateau Shereé for the first time, despite all of their history. "Oh, yeah! I was expecting Chateau Shereé to be Chateau the Sh**. And Chateau Shereé was not that. I really was open because I thought Shereé has great taste, and the house looks massive from the outside. I mean, that gingerbread house looks huge," Kenya shared. "And then when you walk inside, it's like, but wait a minute. The scale is off. It's not balanced. [I'm] not even being a hater. You'll see for yourself. Like, her bedroom looks like a hallway going to her bedroom. It just doesn't make sense." 

So after hearing so much about Chateau Shereé for all of these years, was it worth the wait? "Finally seeing Chateau Shereé in person was anticlimactic, it was underwhelming, and it just, to me, was not worth the wait," Kenya said. "And it wasn't finished. After five years, you're still not finished? Girl, bye." 

Do you agree with Kenya's shade of Chateau Shereé? Take a look inside the palatial pad, as seen earlier this season of RHOA, below.

Your First Look Inside Chateau Sheree
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