Chris March's Secret Stevie Nicks Superstition

Chris March's Secret Stevie Nicks Superstition

Find out what's hiding inside every March original.

By Lauren Metz

Chris March is known for his signature over-the-top, bold couture, but what's the tiny detail he stamps on every creation?

"I'm a HUGE Stevie Nicks fanatic," the Mad Fashion man -- who's dressed everyone from Meryl Streep to Madonna to Lady Gaga -- fesses to "I actually write her name inside of every piece I create. I'm a little superstitious that way."

(Check out some of Chris' wildest creations.)

Oh, really? So, what's the designer's favorite song by the 63-year-old legend? "I'd have to say 'Landslide.' I just saw her perform upstate near Woodstock a couple months ago, the same weekend as Hurricane Irene. She moved the show up by an hour and just as she was finishing, the rain began."

Although no one else shares the same distinguished honor as Stevie – that we know of – Chris also spills his "Born to Run" love. "I'm a huge Springsteen fan," he gushes. Perhaps he could dress the Boss or Stevie herself?  They're not on his celebrity radar on the moment, but he does continue, "I would also really love to dress Christina Hendricks. I feel like no one has done her justice. Her, or Cher. I think Cher's agents work at the same agency as mine, so maybe there’s a chance." Make it werk.

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