Coming Soon: Kathy Griffin's "Balls of Steel"

Coming Soon: Kathy Griffin's "Balls of Steel"

Kathy's back with her seventh Bravo stand-up special!


In her seventh original stand-up special for Bravo, two-time Emmy winning comedienne Kathy Griffin isn’t holding back as she fearlessly bashes A-listers and trash talks Hollywood types in "Balls Of Steel", premiering Tuesday, November 3rd at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Kathy will cover it all - from her hot Teen Choice Awards date with Levi Johnston, to her take on tabloid darlings Jon, Kate, Brit-Brit, and Miley Cyrus. Will she cover Oprah Winfrey's exclusive two-parter with Whitney Houston? Of course. Will she relate a classic Barbara Walters story? Obviously. What would a Kathy Griffin stand-up act be without a notorious Barbara Walters story? "Barbara Walters does not like me, but like Brokeback Mountain, I cannot quit her," Griffin explains.


You have an eleven day wait 'til Kathy crashes back on the Bravo scene, so we suggest spending your time trying this Kathy Comedy IQ on for size. See if you can beat the comedienne to the punch...line. (HA! We made a funnie...)


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