Costume by Bravo: Go Bananas With Rachel Zoe

Costume by Bravo: Go Bananas With Rachel Zoe

Are you fab enough to spend Halloween walking in her lace-up booties?

By Rachel Stein

We've given you plenty of Bravo-centric options for Halloween -- Andy Cohen, Patti Stanger, Kim Zolciak -- but if you're looking for the ultimate in fierceness and fashion, look no further: today we bring you Rachel Zoe.

The Rachel Zoe Project star is an amazing stylist and fashion designer, and a popular tabloid target of late. Pay tribute to Rachel by partying in elegance and ignoring your haters. Here's what you'll need to go bananas:

- Blonde tresses: Rachel's blonde hair is long and flowy, with voluptuous curls. If you're lacking her natural length and color, improvise with a wig. Create the 'do by going section-by-section with a large barrel curling iron and spritzing with a flexible hold hair spray.

- Fur vest: Rarely seen without a vest from her QVC collection, Rachel is always rocking the faux fur look. You can get one from her actual line, making your costume that much more authentic. Bonus: If you're partying outside, you'll actually stay warm!

- Wide-leg pants: Rachel did call them the new skinny jeans, after all...

- Retro blouse: The pioneer of boho chic is seldom seen without a '70s style baggy blouse. Easy to find at vintage shops, go for something with a simple print.

- Oversize accessories: Where do we begin? The best costume will have huge black sunglasses, a big tote, and dangling gold jewelry. A giant Starbucks cup with a tea bag hanging out of the side doesn't hurt, either.

Now, we know what you're thinking -- you may be tempted to make a fake baby bump, but since Rachel adamantly denies those pregnancy rumors, we suggest passing on the extra padding. A friend dressing up as Brad, on the other hand: totally doable.

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