Could Kim Zolciak Come Back to 'RHOA'?

Could Kim Zolciak Come Back to 'RHOA'?

The star who just walked off the show says it's possible.

By Mike Hess

The dust in Atlanta has barely settled since Kim Zolciak stormed off of the show, and already she's hinting that should the show come back for a sixth season, she'd consider a triumphant return.

In an interview with, Kim plants the seed for a comeback (apparently after her Don't Be Tardy... spin-off), telling the site: ""If RHOA gets picked up for Season 6, I would consider returning. My priorities were different [this season], but we'll see what happens ... I won't be pregnant!. I've been pregnant for the last two years. I can handle my own over the five years [of taping the show], but when I'm pregnant I try to keep myself calm because I have another life to take care of. If I'm taping and I'm not pregnant, I'll be back to my fiery self."

Kim told The Dish shortly after it was announced that she was leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta that all of the stress around filming prompted her to leave, as she was concerned about her health since she was carrying her son. "I had another life to think about. It's really that simple," she told us.

There's a lot of "ifs" involved in the possibility of Kim returning, so before she puts the carriage before the horse (that's the metaphor, yes?), let's just revisit her tumultuous exit from last night and leave it at that for now.

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