Countess: Justin Bieber Has "Every Right" to Flip Off Paparazzi

Countess: Justin Bieber Has "Every Right" to Flip Off Paparazzi

Are you sure that's proper etiquette, LuAnn?

By Lauren Metz

Color us surprised. After teen heartthrob Justin Bieber flipped the finger to the paparazzi, we fully expected the epitome of class LuAnn de Lesseps to bash his bad boy behavior. But she sort of lets it slide in her weekly column for OK! Magazine.

Perhaps it's the fear of rabid Beliebers declaring a tweet war, but the Countess writes that Biebs and fellow pop tart Miley Cyrus have the right to lash out at photographers looking to make bank on their behalf... at least verbally. "Paparazzi can be downright pushy and Justin and Miley have every right to express their displeasure when photographers get too close," states the Real Housewives of New York City star. "I'm sure the paparazzi involved were just trying to do their jobs; however there is a difference between doing your job and being too aggressive."

Listen up, all of you looking to change your occupation to paparazzo. Here's the "proper" way to get the job done. "I always appreciate when paparazzi ask to take my photo first and respect my answer," says RHONY star. Ah, what gentlemen. 

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