Cynthia Bailey & Lisa VanderPump: Future BFFs?

Cynthia Bailey & Lisa VanderPump: Future BFFs?

"They're so over the top and fabulous!" Cynthia gushes about the new Housewives

By Lauren Metz

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's new face, Cynthia Bailey, admits that at first she couldn't imagine producers selecting her to join the cast.

"Initially I didn't really think I would make good reality TV because I'm not super confrontational," the beauty spills to Celebuzz. "I'm not a big drama queen, though I have drama. I actually managed to surprise my own self. I got right in there and held my own pretty well."

Now that she's been officially initiated into the Real Housewives sorority, Cynthia wants to become besties with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump... even though she blanked on recalling Lisa's name. It happens.

"I just started watching the Beverly Hills girls and they are really rich!" she says. "We don't own basketball teams. We're excited to get Birkin bags. They have them in every color. If I could hang out with anyone, it would be the one with the really cute dog. They're so over the top and fabulous!"

This model mommy is also spreading the love for Bethenny Frankel. "I watch New York because I used to live [there]. I love Bethenny. I think she's funny. She just reminds me of New York."

Sorry, Broadway, your time as the quintessential New York marker is up.

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