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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey on Her Relationship with Mike Hill: “Great Sex Does Happen Every Day”

The RHOA bride-to-be opens up about her relationship with the broadcaster.

By Jocelyn Vena
See Mike Hill's Romantic Surprise Proposal to Cynthia Bailey

Mark your calendars because Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill are just months away from their wedding and bringing their perfectly modern family together. In fact, Mike already talks about Cynthia's daughter, Noelle Robinson, like she's one of his own kids, which is why he was totally OK with her moving in with him out in Los Angeles: "I feel like my home is her home and she’s got every right."

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta couple plans to wed this October (yes, the same day as The Real Housewives of Orange County's Kelly Dodd), but while speaking to The Daily Dish, Cynthia and Mike made it clear they aren't waiting until their vows to gush about how much they care about one another.  

The Daily Dish: It’s been quite the journey for the two of you, culminating in a wedding later this year. How are you guys feeling right now? 

Cynthia Bailey: Well, clearly, I’m excited. I was excited before he proposed though. Thirstier than ever, you know? Can’t wait for the big day and just looking forward to it. 

How about you? 

Mike Hill: I’m equally as excited. I’m looking forward to 2020 and all the preparation that goes into it, though. Just here to support Cynthia, and as long as she’s happy and she got a smile on her face and that’s all that matters to me. The nerves haven’t hit me yet, and I think the closer I get to it, then I think that’s when it’ll start to kind of maybe affect me in a good way, though, as we get a little bit closer.

[…That brings us to their Valentine’s Day plans…]

MH: We’re just gonna be somewhere sweet. I think everything is romantic for us.  I really believe that.  So any time I get to spend time with her is Valentine’s Day. 

CB: I’m not big on Valentine’s. I would just like to be where Mike is. And right now it looks like I’m gonna be in Los Angeles. I don’t want, like, a big bear holding the heart and balloons and chocolates. I don’t like any of that stuff, to be honest. I think it’s just cheesy and, sorry to be unromantic, but I don’t want it. Take me out to a nice dinner. Let’s have some cocktails together, some great food together, and go home and have great sex, that’s it, I’m good.

MH: It sounds like a perfect night to me. I think the last part, she gets that all the time anyway, I hope so.  I hope she feels that, you know.

CB: Well, the great sex does happen every day that we’re together. 

What do you love most about each other?  Obviously you make each other laugh because you’re very funny, the both of you. 

CB: What I like most about Mike is that he is not only my fiancé and my future husband, but he’s my friend. Like we were actually talking about this today. I was like, it just feels really cool to just have your husband as your best friend. He has my back 100 percent. We really enjoy each other. I honestly never thought I could be in a relationship with someone like him. 

He is without question the only man that I’ve been this compatible with. I joke and say if I was a man, I would be Mike Hill. I just get him. And he just gets me. We’re very professional; we have an amazing work ethic. We’re also fun but we also have like our little corny thing that we have going on. We really have a lot in common, which is a blessing.  Because I think, you know, a lot of people say that communication is like one of the most important things in a relationship, but I have to say compatibility is high up there.  

And what I love, especially being in a bicoastal relationship, any time we’re together, like I want to be with him. Like I go to work with Mike. We do everything together. So I love that. I’ve never wanted to go to work with any of my exes. I was fine with seeing them when they got home.

Going to your own job is hard enough, [let alone] going to someone else’s job. 

Cb: Exactly. And his work is he’s a sportscaster. Now he has a new show on Fox where he gets to talk about other different things. But for the most part for someone who has no interest in sports to go and sit at Fox Sports all day and hang out with their man to listen and talk about sports, that’s love, baby. That’s love on another level. 

MH: As far as like the compatibility thing, we always say that we’re perfect. We’re not perfect, but we’re perfect with one another. What I like most about her is — and I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but I like her heart. And I like her heart for different reasons. I like her heart obviously because she has given and trusted her heart with me and she loves me that way.  But I love that she loves other people and that she is just so genuine and so caring and just sort of nurturing to everybody. 

When was the moment that each of you knew that this was the relationship for you, that you knew you had found, you know, your one? 

CB: Wow, what was the moment?  I don’t know if it was one single moment that happened where I was like, uh, this is gonna be my husband.  I think it was a number of different things. I mean it was just, you know, at the end of the day Mike, once we became serious and exclusive, he’s just been consistent.  And he’s just been my friend and just loving and supportive and you just don’t get Cynthia Bailey when you get Cynthia Bailey, you get Cynthia Bailey and Noelle. So I’m a package deal. 

Every man doesn’t want somebody and to take on a kid, even though she’s 20, she’s still my kid, you know what I’m saying? The fact that Noelle loves Mike, she’s so happy for me. They have a great relationship. My friends and family love him. The only flags that came up was like green ones like for go, no red ones for stop. 

MH: I don’t want to see myself with anybody else on the face of this earth besides this lady Cynthia Denise Bailey and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I know that without a doubt. So like she said it was a slow burn and it wasn’t one day I woke up and said I want to marry her, it just kinda happened and I found myself in love with her and I just want to remain in love with her for the rest of my life.

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