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Noelle Robinson Reveals Exactly How She Feels About Mike Hill's Daughters

The RHOA daughter of Cynthia Bailey opens up about her modern family.

By Jocelyn Vena
Noelle Robinson Mike Hill Daughters

Noelle Robinson is ready to officially welcome Mike Hill's daughters into her life as her sisters.

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Once Mike and her mom, Cynthia Bailey, marry, The Real Housewives of Atlanta daughter will have two new siblings in her life, Ashlee and Kayla.

In an interview with The Daily Dish earlier this summer, she opened up about her modern family ahead of Cynthia and Mike's October 10 wedding, referring to Ashlee and Kayla as "almost stepsisters" in the interview, but noting "I call them my sisters in real life."

She further explained at the time, "So I’m just like, let me be correct with this. But you know, those are my sisters at the end of the day, like. No matter what happens, we’re always gonna be sisters. We’ve already created that bond."

Noelle has had a couple years to get to know Mike's two daughters better. Cynthia and her future husband met in early 2018 on Steve Harvey's talk show and they've been #Chill ever since then (they got engaged in July 2019). It was just as easy for Noelle and Mike's daughters to also feel comfortable around each other.

"I’m the type of person I don’t really trust a lot of people. So it’s like I have people that I’m like I can tell you what’s going on and you literally can’t say anything. So I’m like ha [laughs]. It just feel good to know that like I have that bond," she said. "We kind of hit it off l really quickly, so I was super happy about that."

Still more family took a bit of getting used to for Noelle. "That’s been a huge transition for me in, in a lot of great ways. Like I’ve just never had that feeling of like full family. Because it’s like my mom and my dad kind of separated when I was super young. I don’t even remember it," she noted about her mom and dad, Leon Robinson.

And while Peter Thomas has kids, when Cynthia was married to him, Noelle said she didn't get to spend as much time with them as she does with Mike's daughters. "It’s just a different type of relationship when we all have to come downstairs and do chores. And we’re like 'oh, OK.' You know what I’m saying?" she said. "It’s just a different bond that’s created from that."

She added that spending extended time together during the pandemic also brought the family closer together. "I never really had the feeling of having like a full house of like, OK, I have two sisters, I have this person, that person. A full house. I’ve never had that. Like even during the pandemic we all sat at the table like a family. Like it’s just certain things. We’ll have like game night. I never really experienced anything like that 'cause I was just the only child. So. It’s been really special."

Her tight-knit bond extends to multiple members of the Hill family, including her soon-to-be stepdad, Mike. "It’s honestly been so great to just have him. He’s been such a blessing to our family — in everything. He’s definitely a parental figure for me that I really respect," she said.

She continued, "I often come to him for advice, even about my relationship. He has always been super supportive of me in my relationship and he loves [my girlfriend] Alexis. Any time I come to him about anything he’s always just really has great insight, very level-headed, and always tells me the right thing to do. And just having like another person. 'Cause it’s I have, obviously, my dad and he plays a big role in my life, but just having somebody recently as I’ve been in the pandemic and as I’ve stayed with him for like eight or nine months, just having somebody consistently on a daily basis just helping me make the right decisions and guide me in the right direction as a parental figure, has just been invaluable for the past year of my life."

And yes, that means she is an honorary Hill daughter in a lot ways. "And he treats me just like them. Like there’s literally no difference," she laughed. "So it’s just been great. And also just in general, he’s brought that aspect to me. I’ve never had like a feeling of having sisters."

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