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Did Jill Kargman Make Her Daughter Audition for Odd Mom Out?

Get to know Jill's teenage daughter a little better.

By Jocelyn Vena
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Sadie Kargman might be one of the most well-connected teens around. Her mom is Odd Mom Out creator and star Jill Kargman and her aunt is Hollywood legend Drew Barrymore. But like most unknown actors, Sadie still had to audition for her role on the series. The 13-year-old opened up about her Season 2 cameo, in which she played a tyrant of a teen blogger during the Hamilton-themed episode.

"Ever since I was little I really loved to act, and my mom knew that I loved to do it and I would be willing to do it. So she had this part on the show [where she] had to hire someone my exact age and she thought I was definitely capable of doing the role. And she didn’t [just] give me the part; like everyone else, I had to audition," Sadie told W of her role, which involved sending Brooke (Abby Elliott) on a wild goose chase to score some Molly for her. "She knew I could do the part well, so my audition was before they even announced [the casting call]. Because if they thought I could do the role, they’d rather have me do it, because I’m very familiar with the show and the characters around me so I feel more comfortable. So my mom let me audition and the people who were holding the audition thought I could do it so that’s how I came to do it."

And Sadie notes that Jill had no influence over her when she entered the room to audition. "She was not in the room. It was just me because she wanted to make sure it was a really fair experience. So it was just me and the scouts, the people who auditioned me. And then my babysitter waited outside because she wanted to make sure I was in an environment where my mom couldn’t distract me or anything," she said, adding that while her mom isn't a distraction something about her is. "It’s just she’s a familiar face and I love her so much and she’s really funny and her smile could potentially mess me up. Because whenever she smiles, I smile back," she said. "She’s just a fun person all around."

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And while she said the "b" word during on the episode, it's a far cry from the language Sadie — or her mom — uses at home. "My mom doesn’t like to swear at home, she didn’t want me growing up around those words, she didn’t want me using them. I know I’m playing a role that’s not me. I don’t actually like to swear on a regular basis, I think it’s not great to do and not a good habit. This is purely a character, and the words I used on the show and the things I did were purely just a role," she said. "It didn’t have anything to do with my everyday life."

Not that Sadie and her two siblings have been far removed from the world of Odd Mom Out up until now. The Kargman siblings played Jill's kids in the pilot, but were later replaced. Sadie has also helped her mom with the series in other ways. "I haven’t given her any stories that are really deeply portrayed in the show," she said. "But I have given her lines and she’s like, 'Ooh, that’s funny' and then she puts them in and I’m like, 'Oh, that’s mine!'”

Check out a preview for next Monday's Odd Mom Out, below.

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