Does Anderson Cooper Hate Britney Spears?!

Does Anderson Cooper Hate Britney Spears?!

The CNN anchor's assistant spilled all the steaming hot tea about his boss on #WWHL.

By Jocelyn Vena
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The Assistants Play Truth or Drink!

As an assistant to a high-powered individual, the number one rule is keeping all of your bosses secrets, well, a secret. But when Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week, Andy Cohen forced their right-hand folks (and his too!) to spill the beans during a game of "The Assistants Play Truth or Drink." The results were hilarious and very revealing — especially the ones about Anderson.

When asked, "One celebrity your boss can't stand?" both Andy and Kelly's assistants, Daryn and Lauren, respectively, opted to not answer, but Anderson's assistant, Joey, was more than willing to open up. "I'm gonna say Britney Spears. I love her, but," he shared, much to Anderson's surprise. But, Joey had his reasons. "When we have a Christmas party, every time I put a song on one of the playlists he wants, he doesn't like Britney Spears."

Next, up, the assistants were tasked with their boss' grossest habit. Andy's? Apparently he eats Doritos in a specific and kind of gross way ("I suck them"). Kelly's? "Going to the bathroom with the door open." And then there was Anderson's: "Hanging out with Kathy Griffin." Apparently, Joey is a skilled shade thrower.

The final question was a doozy: "One celebrity your boss refuses to have on their show." Joey, once again, was quick to answer. "Probably just somebody like the Kardashians or somebody like that."

Find out more about Anderson, below.

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