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The Daily Dish Odd Mom Out

Yes, Even Drew Barrymore Feels Like an Odd Mom Out

"Who doesn't?" the iconic actress says. Learn more about her Season 2 cameo and friendship with Jill Kargman.

By Jocelyn Vena
Do Jill's New Neighbor Friends Have Lice?

Drew Barrymore and Jill Kargman officially took their relationship to the next level when Drew appeared on Odd Mom Out Season 2. In Monday's episode, Drew — who, of course, happens to be Jill's real-life sister-in-law — played Jill's eccentric neighbor who has to survive a snowstorm with the Webers, alongside husband (played by John Hodgman). Their small-screen collaboration comes at a busy time for Drew, who is currently working on her upcoming Netflix project, Santa Clarita Diet. The twosome remain pals as Drew's personal life has evolved; Drew and Jill's brother, Will Kopelman, announced their split in April after nearly four years of marriage. The Daily Dish caught up with the actress via email to discuss her appearance on the Bravo series, as well as her life as a mom to daughters, Olive, 3, and Frankie, 2.

You and Jill clearly have an awesome bond, what's it like when you two hang out?

Drew Barrymore: We love to laugh, and yet we can talk about deep things. We are both moms. We talk about kids. We talk about writing. We talk about love and life and all that goes on in it. Nothing's off the table.

What was it like to work with her versus when you two are just hanging in your everyday life?

I was so in awe of her comedy. I have been fortunate to work with great comedians in my life, and Jill totally inspired me with her physical comedy. But then she would deliver a line very subtle next. It was a superior combination to see her dance around on fire and then sit down at the table and say her next line totally composed. She is so talented. She sings beautifully too!!!!

Have you ever offered up acting advice to Jill?

No. I am not that kind of person. She's got it down. She has great instincts. We are there when we need each other but it never is over advising, which can feel patronizing. We root each other on. We laughed because one summer she became an actress and I became a writer. We literally switched roles and we both cheered each other on!

What was it like being transported into the Odd Mom Out universe?

It was a very dialed-in, smooth operating happy set. I loved it.

Was it an automatic "yes" when Jill asked you to stop by this season?

I actually had the benefit of reading the whole episode, because I didn’t know if she were to ever ask me if it would be a main character or someone sitting at a counter. And then I loved the whole episode and I realized that she had asked me to play a character that got to interact with her.

Do you ever feel like an Odd Mom Out?

Who doesn't? That's why the title is so good!

What is the best piece of advice you received about motherhood?

Parent by example. You can talk until you're blue in the face, but your kids see what you do far more than listen to what you say.

What advice do you have for other moms?

See above answer. And also, try not to live in guilt city forever!

How has your experience as a mom evolved over time?

It gets a little calmer, which is nice. But I just appreciate it every second of the day!

Check out what Jill had to say about working with Drew when she recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live.

Jill on Working with Drew Barrymore
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