Eddie Lucas of 'Below Deck' Sounds Off on Crewmates

Eddie Lucas of 'Below Deck' Sounds Off on Crewmates

The deckhand criticizes Adrienne's leadership skills.

By Monica A. Reyhani

In the first few minutes of last night's Below Deck, the crew learns their charter was cancelled. The reason? "Insufficient funds." Sooo, although there's plenty of cleaning to do, while the charter guests are away, the crew will play. But it seems like all the crew members weren't quite ready for the ruckus. ("Could you describe the ruckus, sir?")

Eddie Lucas, who has kept to himself for most of the season so far, really came out of his shell last night... to let his crew members know how embarrassing they are. Watch what happened:


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Whoa! Bravotv.com spoke to Eddie to find out where all this anger came from. He says, "My frustration with the crew's actions in public had been brewing for awhile, and it finally boiled over at this dinner. I was really embarrassed and ashamed for the way the crew was acting in a public space where other people were trying to enjoy dinner also. I'm all about having fun and enjoying my time, but not at the sake of others' comfort. I just want to see more respect for each other and those that are around us while in public."

He also didn't appreciate the crew's reaction to Captain Lee's fire drill feedback. After a couple of questionable drills, Aleks Taldykin got "reamed" (his words), and the rest of the crew rallied around Aleks, criticizing the captain. "I do believe they can be a little disrespectful of Captain Lee. I liked Captain Lee because he never had a problem with me. He definitely was tougher on others, but I don't think that gives them a right to be so disrespectful to him and talk back to him; that just makes things worse! He continues, "Captain Lee is a tough leader and demands the best. I wouldn't expect anything else from a captain of a 20-million-dollar yacht."

While he defends Captain Lee, he's not quite ready to do the same for Chief Stew Adrienne Gang. He says, "Adrienne, on the other hand, was one of the worst leaders I have ever experienced. She didn't earn the respect of others; she demanded it. ... Adrienne dug her own grave."

Read more of our Q&A with the Below Deck star here.


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