Eileen Davidson Teases That Her Peace with Dorit Kemsley Is on "Shaky Ground"

Eileen Davidson Teases That Her Peace with Dorit Kemsley Is on "Shaky Ground"

Let's just say #RHOBH relationships change.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Eileen Davidson had nothing but love for new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kids on the block, Dorit Kemsley and Eden Sassoon, when they all first met. "I really liked both Dorit and Eden when I met them. I thought they were very interesting, very different from each other. Cool chicks, great personalities, and then the season goes on and you're like, 'Oh,'" Eileen told The Daily Dish. "But things happen, even despite your best efforts, things get misunderstood and whatever. And then everybody has their own point-of-view, like Dorit had her own point-of-view about things, and clearly Eden has her own point-of-view about Kim and Kyle [Richards]. That definitely changes how you get along with somebody." 

So Eileen said her first impressions of Dorit and Eden didn't necessarily remain as the season went on. "Of course, my feelings about Dorit and Eden absolutely changed because now things have happened that I'm not necessarily comfortable with," Eileen said, citing watching moments on the show back, such as when Dorit and her husband, PK Kemsley, talked about how she handled her mother's death at last season's RHOBH reunion with Lisa Rinna at one of their dinner parties earlier this season.

We've already seen that Eileen and Dorit's relationship has been full of ups and downs. Though they may be in a good place in recent episodes of RHOBH, Eileen said that we shouldn't expect that to last. "My peace with Dorit is kind of on shaky ground. It's a little tentative. Other things happen. She's formed an opinion on me based on whatever, based on her own misconceptions that I can't change," Eileen teased. "So it kind of comes up again, and I don't know what to do with it because it's not who I am, and she sees me a certain way. It's kind of frustrating, but what are you gonna do?" 

Though Lisa R. and Eden seemed to hit it off this season, we're also beginning to see their relationship change, especially when it comes to how they approach the subject of Kim. "I think what we've seen in the latest episode just at the Gatsby party was already Eden saying, 'Where's Lisa to back me up?' I know that Lisa had really said some things that probably got her into some hot water," Eileen shared. "But ultimately, I know that Lisa Rinna, as well, was trying to back away from the Kim thing and didn't want to get pulled back in. So she's kind of in this weird place with Eden and Kim. I know she didn't want to be there. It was just kind of a weird chain of events. So I would think that the relationship is gonna have some issues all the way around." 

But the fact that Dorit and Eden have different ideas is what makes RHOBH so fun to watch, according to Eileen. "It is a show, and we do have to have all those different personalities. If we all got along all the time, it would be incredibly boring to watch," Eileen said. "Dorit and Eden certainly have their own point-of-view and their own roles to play. Their personalities are very distinct, and they add something vibrant to the show, good or bad. The viewer can choose." 

Watch Dorit dish on her rookie season of RHOBH, below.

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