Erika Girardi Talks About Her "Intense" Preparation for Dancing with the Stars

Erika Girardi Talks About Her "Intense" Preparation for Dancing with the Stars

These rehearsals sound like they could either be really fun OR like they're the workout from hell.

By Megan Segura
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Erika Girardi Talks About "Intense" DWTS Rehearsals

Erika Girardi isn't exactly a novice when it comes to the world of performing. When she transforms into her alter ego Erika Jayne, she's rehearsing, auditioning her own dancers, shooting music videos, and sometimes going on stage at 3 AM to sing and dance for 30,000 fans (as we saw this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). So for Erika to call her Dancing with the Stars rehearsals "tough" definitely says something.

Erika Girardi Shoots Her New Music Video

While getting ready to film the Season 7 RHOBH reunion, Erika talked about her excitement for DWTS. "I’m beyond excited. This is a good thing. It’s really tough, but I have a great partner. It’s very exciting."

And when asked how many hours she's putting into the dance competition show, she said, "You put in about four to five. That’s rehearsals. And it’s intense, because it’s just the two of you. So it’s private, and you’re choroegraphing the number and setting it, so it’s a lot. And then to learn these dances that I’ve never done. They’re very intense."

Four to five hours a day?! Erika's putting Eden Sassoon's pilates sessions to shame.

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